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Electronic Profile Assignment

5% of total grade

Due week 2

Reflect on who you are as a student, industry professional, and future industry leader. Then write a personal profile. Think about your:

  • Academic experience and academic goals
  • Career experience and career goals
  • Personal strengths
  • Personal interested that enhance your professional attributes

Role and Audience

Everyone and anyone as it will be posted on our course website on the OpenLab. Specifically think of how faculty, peers, and prospective employers will learn about you through your eportfolio.



Post to our HMGT1101 OpenLab site and, upon approval, your personal eportfolio site found on the OpenLab

To post to course site:

  • Go to the course dashboard, choose “posts”
  • Enter text into text box
  • Go to “categories” section and choose “Electronic Profile”
  • Click “publish”


Students will exhibit their ability to be concise when expressing themselves in an academic and a professional manner.

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this assignment, students will be able to:

  • Identify and articulate a personal profile for a public forum
  • Discuss, in a short profile, attributes of a student and industry professional
  • Utilize various features of OpenLab



Full Credit Partial Credit Resubmit
Content Concise explanation of academic and professional experience and goals Explanation of academic and professional experience and goals could be improved


See suggested edits
Proof Reading and Editing Free of errors Minor errors Errors interfere with communication of content


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