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36 Hours in Williamsburg

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36 Hours in Williamsburg

Music, murals, antic shops, change in culture, and many small self-owned restaurants.

By Kiara M. Landrau

Many shops in Williamsburg that are catered to people liked and dislikes. There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. Not only that Williamsburg is very diverse when it comes to people because there are plenty of people that have come from different places and come from different backgrounds. With that there are plenty of activities to do.


  • 3:00 P.M. Williamsburg bridge

    Williamsburg Bridge

If you are coming from Manhattan who can resist taking a stroll across Williamsburg bridge. You could ether take a walk, jog, or even take a bike ride. If you are someone who doesn’t have a bike there is an option of renting one out from Citi Bank that offers short term passes ($12 for day pass) in which could be a great option for tourist. Just be careful with other bike riders, scat boarders, and people who are ether walking or jogging.

  • 3:30 Murals

Who could resist walking around and looking at the community murals after the Williamsburg bridge? Once off the bridge the first stop is the Grand street mural. The mural was created for the protest of the destruction of the dominos factory in the summer of 2013. Then walk up to MS 50 mural describes the neighborhood the history behind the families who live there are being reflected which is known as Los Sures. Going to Berry Street and south 4th there is the smoking mural advocates for people to stop smoking.  One thing that these community-based murals have in common is that they were done by member of El Puente Academy and many more.

  • 4:30 The Bagel Store

Located in 349 Bedford Avenue are famously known for their multi-colored bagels. With the feel of being in a NYC deli they have plenty of unique options for cream cheese and bagels. They are also known for their cotton candy, and seasonal bagels such as candy corn. The one thing I would recommend are the jumbo cookies.

  • 5:00p.m. Action Burger Saturday

Any trip through Williamsburg would be in complete without a trip to Action burger. Action burger is a comic book themed burger place complete with a retro pack man game machine and some of the best board games around. As you wait for your order you and your friends can enjoy a game of UNO, monopoly or any other game of your choosing.

  • 10:00 a.m. Kellogg’s Diner

Kellogg’s is a 24-hour diner in Williamsburg, located Union and Metropolitan Avenue since 1928. Since 2008 it has over gone construction and many of the residents did not agree with new look. But the Fiotodimitrakis brothers who have owned the diner since 1972 says other wise because it means better lightings and double the seating’s. With the fresh ingredients that they use the breakfast id highly recommended.

  • 11:00 Thrifting

What is a better past time than thrifting? You could always find some hidden gems for a low price which is the most exciting part. The best places to go are Beacon’s Closet, Brooklyn Reclamation, Antoinette, and Living By Stella Dallas.

  • 3:00 Cupcakes

After a day of shopping you could stop and buy cupcakes. The best cupcakes in Brooklyn is Brooklyn Cupcakes. What started off as something to do at home and family functions, owner Carmen Radriguez turned her passion into a business after being laid off at her sails job in 2010. But it couldn’t be done overnight so she had the help of her family to help open the shop. Today her sister Gina and cousin Michelle run the shop selling their Latin and Italian Based flavors. The flavors range from Rain bow cookie, Red velvet, Oreo cheese cake, and the best seller Tres leches.

  • 3:15 Cinemas

After grabbing a snack it’s also a good pass time to catch a movie in the Williamsburg Cinema. The Williamsburg Cinema shows the newest movies to hit theaters.

  • 5:30 Whisk

    whisk is located in 145 Bedfored Avenue

If you are someone that has the love and passion of being in the kitchen as much as I, then you would love going to Whisk. On the outside of the store there is this whimsical felling but once inside it is every kitchen lovers dream. Whisk has a wide range of cookware, utensils, and cutlery from brands that are well known.

  • 5:30 Brooklyn Charms

If you are someone thast loves DIYS then Brooklyn Charms is the best place for you. The owner Tracie Howarth as an Ety shop which is an online store. Since it became a top seller Tracie opened up a brick moter shop where people could be creative. You could choose any charm or gem to make whatever jwelary you desier which ranges from $3-$40. There are even jwelary making classes that are offerd.

  • 6:00 The Hive

    The Hive is located in South 2nd street

What started off as source of comfort for volunteers and people who lost their homes to hurricane Sandy. Serving their favorites, the owner Treva prepared chicken, biscuits, and pies. As many people kept asking where to get buy her food Treva who is a classically trained chef finally came up with the idea of opening up her own restaurant in 2014. Now they are serving food with a sense of home comfort. The highly recommended dish is the chicken fried chicken but as for the specials the chicken and waffles are also a recommendation on Wednesdays.

  • 7:00p.m. Bowl

The best way to kick off the rest of the night is bowling ay Brooklyn Bowl. There is even live music playing and plenty of food to eat while you are bowling. From Monday-Sunday it cost $25 per lane and per half hour, $4.95 for shoes, and $5 for socks.


  • 10:00a.m. Pie-N-Thighs

    Pies-N-Thighs opened in 2006                                Located in 166 South 4th what started out as a storage unit made for beer is now a small kitchen with six stools that serve comfort food and everything sweet. Team members Sarah Sanneh who studied pastry at the French Culinary institute and Carolyn Bane co-owner both have the love and fascination of fried food and sweets. The menus price ranges from $5-$15 and I would recommend the chicken box, it comes with three pieces of fried chicken, butter milk biscuits, and a choice of a side. Pies-N-Thighs is also best known for their s’mores pie.



Located at 96 Wythe the Williamsburg hotel is strategically located to make everything in this 36-hour report within walking distance. The Williamsburg hotel is 4.5-star hotel. It has a moderate cost of 270. This is one of the few restaurants in all of Brooklyn that is both kid and pet friendly. Another very nice hotel worth noting is the hotel Le Jolie while it may not be kid or pet friendly it is cheaper it only cost 140 per night and has free laundry service.

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1 Hotel by Kiara & Maria

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  1.  Occupancy: The state of being a tenant in a space.
  2. FAM Trip: A low coast trip for travel agents provided by a travel operator in order to promote serves.
  3. Room Block: A room reserved for a specific guest.

Average Daily Rate: Is the average amount of profit a business facility  measures on a daily basis.

  • The one thing that I like about The Hotel 1 is how close to nature and calmness it had to it. the tings that I noticed are the amount of plants that is surrounded in the hotel. The view of the Brooklyn Bridge is a really wonderful cite to look at. There is also the fact that they try to make the most of what they have and have good use for them. For example, during the tour we were shown some of the amenities which are socks, a steamer, and cardboard hangers.
  1. Occupancy: Is the act of being a tenant.

  2. FAM Trip: A low coast trip for travel agents and is provided by a travel agent in order to promote their service.
  3. Average Daily Rate: The amount of profit that is made each day.
  4. Room Block: A room that is reserved for a special type of guest.

Kiara Landrau

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Hello everyone as all might know my name is Kiara and I am really excited to finally be able to start the Hospitality program. With that getting to where I am at today has been a journey because academically I was not prepared for how different college is compared to high school and it felt like I was completely alone since I didn’t really have someone to be there and help me. I was stuck repeating remedial math to the point where I had to take a semester off and finish it in a different program. On top of that I was also having a difficult time balancing out two jobs. With all of these things going on for all at once put me in a place where I just wanted to give up on everything but at the same time I didn’t want to because I did want to be the fist person in my family to get a degree and make them proud, I want a career being in the food industry since I do love being in a kitchen setting. It was a matter of taking myself out of that negative head space and go for what I want because I know if I work for it I could get to the point where I will be able to have a business  of my own in the future.