36 Hours In Downtown, Brooklyn

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By Soumahya Fofana
May. 13, 2018

There are thousands of ways to enjoy fun day in Brooklyn. From Brooklyn’s many thrilling neighborhoods, crowded with cultural establishments, restaurants and shops, make the borough a top New York City destination for tourism. Downtown Brooklyn offers the perfect starting point for experiencing a varied area full of energy and overflowing with culture. Its centrally located streets serve as an introduction to the surrounding localities of Borough Hall, Metrotech Center, Fulton Center, New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn Bride Park and East River Ferry; all a short train ride or walk away.



Photos by Soumahya Fofana

Brooklyn is truly at the center of it all. Although the area is a center for businesses, it’s also a place to relax and enjoy Brooklyn’s arts, culture and entertainment offerings. For arts and entertainment lovers, outdoor space MetroTech Commons is the site of exhibits, performances and special events. MetroTech Center lies between Flatbush Avenue Extension and Jay Street, north of the Fulton Street Mall and south of Tillary Street, close to Brooklyn’s Civic Center (Borough Hall and the courts) and Brooklyn Heights. The center is above the Jay Street. MetroTech New York City Subway station, served by the (A), (C), (F), (N), (R), and (W) trains. As a privately owned public space, it is the nation’s largest urban academic-industrial research park that cater to all audiences.


Downtown Brooklyn is also home to great restaurants, delis and coffee shops where locals drop in for Shake Shack’s celebrated burgers, fries and beverages or tasty tacos from Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar serving everything from lunch, brunch, dinner, cocteles & bebidas, late night treats and to go with prices ranging from $11-30 on the menu. For mouthwatering desserts, take a trip at Junior’s for a sweet slice of cheesecake located on the corner of 386 Flatbush Ave Ex. Moreover; downtown Brooklyn’s nightlife scene is equally relaxed, with traditional drinking cocktails and classic bar food while the game plays in the background; both the locals and newcomers you are in for a treat.



The park is set on Brooklyn’s East River shoreline. It is the perfect environment for outdoor junkies to stroll and look at scenery and connect with nature with loved ones. The openness of the park by the water, grills already in place, beautiful view of the city, plenty activities ranging from boat launches, Pebble Beach, the historic Jane’ Carousel, sports fields: basketball courts, soccer fields, a fishing station, and plenty activities for children while adding a little lite music is the perfect receipt for a good time abound to happen and a breath of fresh air welcoming all people.


For an exceptional hot day, take a trip to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory sited on 1 Water St, Ste A. At the popular ice factory, efficiency towards guests is guarantee. The ice cream is delicious, serving everything from strawberry, peach, chocolate, butter pecan etc. All are just so good especially their fudge sauce whom is to die for. It’s a great location to chill and view the stunning New York skyline while enjoying your ice cream when you step outside. What’s not to love?!


Enjoyed the views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines from the water and the Statue of Liberty as you float along, at a great deal. The ferry is comfortable, and the ride is smooth.
The Brooklyn Bridge Ferry is a great fun and inexpensive. Thousands of residents commute each day between Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn by ferry. They are the riders who look intent and ready for action. On the other hand, some passengers just stare at the scenery. The fantastic New York skyline from the east side, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and the several other bridges that link the boroughs on the east side. Roosevelt Island too. This is one of the greatest trips for tourists. A spectacular scenery at a great price. You can even have a greater adventure by taking the ferry to the base of the Brooklyn Bridge and then walking back to Manhattan over the bridge. You’ll never forget the experience. Explore and enjoy the ride!








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i am currently employed at Forever 21 in Time Square  being there has really taught me how to serve customers kindly with a smile and to genuinely notice what pleases costumers which i learned that its very important in the Hospitality Industry. One day i hope to open up my own little bakery and be able to expand it within the following years.

36 Hours in Brooklyn, New York

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When going to Brooklyn, going through the water front is a great way to pass the time and enjoy it. the great thing about this location is that there is always something to do from getting amazing food or simply going walking next to the water enjoying beautiful view.



3 p.m. DUMBO

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Photos by Julienne Schaer

Take the East River Ferry down from Greenpoint to DUMBO. A one-way ticket is $4 on a weekday, $6 on the weekend, with two Williamsburg stops alongside the way. The ferry runs each and every thirty minutes. You can purchase your ticket on-line or at the ferry platform.


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 After making your way to DUMBO, there are an endless amount of activities that can be done, from rides to dinner time. Feel free to stop by Superfine, where you can grab a bite to eat or simply just go for cocktails and a game of pool. Superfine was one of the first upscale restaurants after just being surrounded by reclaimed industrial warehouses. But if you’re in the mood to simply just relax in a calm environment, head to Dabney Lee, where you can find creative items to purchase, such as: customized phone cases, beautifully designed stationery, and many more items for room décor or artistically use.


After exploring some well-known shops in DUMBO, you can easily make your way to Juliana’s Pizza for a quick bite to eat. However, if you are still in the artistically mood, there is a beautiful place to visit by the name of Jacques’ Torres where you can not only see the amazing works done there but also purchase the delicious works of art. Not only is everything made of chocolate, but it does not just focus on one thing like cookies, they get very creative with what they put out there. So, enjoy it while you can and maybe get a gift for a loved one.


  • 9 p.m. JANE’S CAROUSEL

There is no other better way to end your day than going for a ride of Jane’s Carousel. Going on this ride will give you a nice relaxing feeling while also a breath-taking view especially in the night time. Later that night, taking a walk at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and just take in everything the view has to offer. With 85- acres, there is plenty of time to kill while enjoying what you see.


9:30 a.m. SUNSET PARK

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sunset park is known for being a New York hidden treasure. it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, you always get an amazing view of the sunset at any place you were. One going to the highest point you get an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty,  green hills of Staten Island and New Jersey. There is a variety of activities that can be done, such as going to the playground or the recreation center. Overall, it is a place for all ages and going with family or with a loved one.


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Originally constructed in the 1940s, the trail has obtained many upgrades in current years to restore its aging, pockmarked surface, give a boost to the seawall and decorate the walkway with trees.The Shore Parkway Greenway Trail is comprised of two disconnected segments alongside the New York Harbor that collectively provide extra than 12 miles of paved pathway on Brooklyn’s southern border. Between the two segments sits Coney Island, ordinary for its entertainment parks and sandy beaches.


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Williamsburg is the epicenter of Brooklyn as a fashionable global brand. The regional may additionally have rents greater than Gramercy and greater crowds than Soho, however it’s famous for a reason: The quaint streets are lined with resourceful New York restaurants, rooftop bars and eclectic shops, and throngs of people flock to the waterfront for flea markets and massive meals bazaars at some stage in the summer. Heed the hipster call.Arguably the excellent area to be in Brooklyn. Clean, safe, and a plethora of matters to do and see. Just a by no means ending listing of matters to do. A lot of shops and modern-day exclusive things to check out.

8:30 p.m. SUNNY’S BAR

Small riverfront establishment was a popular spot for the area’s longshoremen to unwind after a lengthy day of work. But with the aid of the 1980s the shipping enterprise was once long gone, the local was once in decline, and a new, artsier customers was drifting in. The bar eventually grew to be a melting pot, patronized via Red Hook novices and ancient salts alike. The bar additionally hosts Bluegrass/Folk and Country Jam night every Saturday at 10 pm the place musicians can convey their very own units and improvise with the group. The bar opens Tuesday-Friday at 6 pm, and weekends during the later that day.



A beautiful, interactive show off about the largest warfare of the American Revolutionary War and what it used to be like to live in Brooklyn from 1776 – 1783. This is a wonderful place to visit if you’re a fan of history and love to learn as much as possible. you start of by learning about the Dutch Colonial Era, then touch on some facts about the Brooklyn War. Afterwards you get a little history about the OSA OF of today.













36 Hours in Brooklyn, New York

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Out of the five borough New York City has to offer, Brooklyn is one where you can find historic significance. As it shows the importance of monuments and architecture along with the culture, food and music that was once here.  

36 Hours in Brooklyn, NY





Photo Credits: Savanna Acevedo









Located in Washington Park sits the Old Stone House. Which was built in 1699 by wealthy man named Hendrick Claessen Vechte and his farther Claes Arentsen Vechte. Where later on Hendricks son Nicholas than lived in with his wife throughout the Revolutionary War.  This house was known to be a Dutch family farmhouse. The family took advantage of land located nearby and occupied it for farming. The Vechte’s harvested oysters in Gowanus Creek, which was part of the town at that moment. They had also transported their produce to lower Manhattan. Being a part of war for American Independence, this house was a significance use to the United States Army as it stood during the Battle of Long Island during the Revolutionary War. Weapons, clothes, documents and artifacts can be found within the house. The Old Stone had been destroyed in a fire and rebuilt, but the remains were kept and is now presented as a remembrance. It is now the center of attention in kid friendly playground which now offers recreational facilities along with events and community involvement opportunities.

2) 6:30 P.M. FIND PEACE

Photo Credits: Savanna Acevedo

Designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh, Brooklyn Bridge Park was first a part of the port authority for cargo operations. Which then ended in 1984. It had been abandoned for a while with wearhouses and open space that was not in use, until the decision was made for it to undergo commercial development. Empire Stores and the Tobacco Warehouse were two civil war infrastructures that were kept and included into the rebuilding of the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The empire stores were built between 1868-1885 where goods like sugar, molasses, wool, rubber, and coffee were stored. The building was made with thick walls that included red brick and schist interior walls which kept the inside dark and kept at perfect temperature for the storage of produce. The Tabacco Warehouse remains without a roof today, and has kept it’s significance throughout the years and is a famous spot where tourists tend to take photos. At Brooklyn Bridge Park you can see multiple green space spots and piers that are sectioned off, while offering recreational facilities along with peaceful vibes.


Photo Credits: Savanna Acevedo

Located within the Brooklyn Bridge Park, you will find The River Cafe where it opened in 1977. Seen in an unseen area of abandonment The River Cafe grew as the years passed by producing and selling the fanciest types of meals. With fresh and exquisite ingredients The River Cafe has been classified as an American Cuisine on the East Coast. This Cafe is known to produce many of culinaries first such as the “free range chicken.” Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner along with Dessert is offered by The River. Seafood is said to be their primary focus. If you’re looking for a high end type of Restaurant The River Cafe is perfect as you will also have to follow their casual Dress Code.


Photo Credits: Savanna Acevedo

The home of Janes Carousel was originally in Idora Park located in Ohio and built in 1922, by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. In 1984 the Carousel was purchased by a man named David Walentas who wanted something of historic significance to take part in his plans. Ms. Walentas then began to restore the look of the horses as when it was sold in bad condition. She restored the horses to their original condition by scraping off old paint called “Park Paint” which then exposed the original colors and carvings. Following the detailed descriptions of the 1922 carousel, the remodeling was based carefully on their findings. Now the mechanical systems of the carousel have been upgraded, along with bright lights all around.


Photo Credits: Savanna Acevedo

Opened in 1950 and built by Robert Moses, for easier access to the Brooklyn Queens expressway The Brooklyn Heights Promenade was developed. This development took place in the middle of Brooklyn Heights which was constructed after World War ll. The outcome of The Brooklyn Heights Promenade was unexpected as it attracted tons of tourists, couples and locals. This become a famous spot for the amazing view of lower Manhattan’s skyline and the New York City Harbor, along with the Brooklyn Bridge. Alongside the edge is a gated off, from the beginning to end with benches to sit and enjoy NYC vibes.


6) 9:00 A.M. RIDE ALONG

Photo Credits: Savanna Acevedo

When New Yorker’s think of Brooklyn, we all think of the famous Brooklyn Bridge and how this bridge allows two boroughs to connect. Which is Manhattan and Brooklyn as this bridge crosses over the East River. Designed by John Roebling, this Bridge took fourteen years to be  constructed. It is known to be the first steel wire bridge. During this period of time, steel wire was chosen because that was said to be the strongest type of material compared to iron, which was used for other bridges. While the Brooklyn Bridge was in its building process many people were doubtful on a successful outcome. In 1883, the bridge was officially opened  to the public where people were proven wrong about their negative suspicions. Today the Brooklyn Bridge stands prominently. As it is known to attract many tourists and locals for it’s breathtaking views of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Bike riding across the Brooklyn Bridge is famous for a leisurely ride following with a scenic view, as it has separate paths for bike riders and walkers. On the bridge you can spot the Statue of Liberty and other significant buildings for example, The One World Trade Center.


Photo Credits: Savanna Acevedo

Founded in 1985, The Waterfront Barge Museum was used for educational and culture purposes.  The educational section focuses on the New York’s maritime history and its importance. The barge was built in 1914 and was the last wooden barge that still stays afloat in the New York Harbor. This Museum was once used to transport goods from New Jersey railroad terminals to New York City. During summer and spring free tours are offered, also when the barge is docked. The museum also offers special performances while showcasing events. Activities such as “juggling for fun” are available for you take take part in.

8) 3:30 P.M. GRAB A BITE

Photo Credits: Savanna Acevedo

As a young boy Patsy Grimaldi, was known for his pizza making. Located in Brooklyn at 1 Front Street you can try an brick oven pizza. Originally Patsy wanted his business to be in Manhattan, but brick ovens were illegal at that time there. He then decided to do more research and found that Brooklyn was the perfect location. Grimaldi’s is located around the Brooklyn Bride area and  has been visited by many people as there is always a line to enter.


Photo Credits: Savanna Acevedo

Louis Valentino, Jr Park and Pier provides views of the Statue of Liberty, Governor’s Island, New York Harbor, Staten Island and the Manhattan skyline. This park was known for the route that New York shipping industries used during the 1800’s to 1950. During the summer, kayaking tours along with movie screenings are open to the public at no cost.  In the park you can relax in the available grass space and walk out onto the pier for a more scenic view.



Photo Credits: Savanna Acevedo

The construction of Brooklyn’s Bridge Borough Hall was built in 1848 as Brooklyn’s City Hall, following the architectural style of Greek revival. Today the Brooklyn Bridge Borough Hall has been accompanied by many people from all over that provided an amusing seating for a quick meal or resting spot, along with a great photo taking spot. Nearby restaurants and shops can be easily located in this area. As everything is close by and in walking distance weather you just want to grab food to go or dine in.  


Photo Credits: Savanna Acevedo

Originally this theater was called The Lido Theater, built in 1925.  This theater had became famous in the 1960’s when the neighborhood began to improve. In 1967 the theaters named had changed to the Cobble Hill Cinemas. This movie theater had successful and unsuccessful business over the years, but is now a well known theater for a brooklyn local. It is now a five plex theater and if you are looking for an escape from reality Cobble Hills Cinemas will provide you with that along with their unique and recent movie options.














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New York is known to be a populated city filled with locals and tourists. These people come from all around the world. Who mainly visits for the famous attractions, exciting activities, and tasteful food the city offers. A location where you can find all these things can be found at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Here a majority of recreational facilities are available. Such as fields and courts that are occupied for sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer and football and so on, a water front view with paths to enjoy a bike ride or go for a jog, Grills set alongside seating areas for a BBQ, and grass space spread throughout areas of the park where people can go to relax. Brooklyn Bridge Park is significant to the culture of New York because all things mentioned above can be found at this park in a matter of walking. People go here to get a feel of the peaceful vibes.
Freda Moon. (2017, February 9). 36 Hours in Brooklyn. Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/02/09/travel/what-to-do-36-hours-in-brooklyn-new-york.html

Nicolette Hardy

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After visiting the 1 hotel the most significant piece of information I received was that the hotel is very eco-friendly. I say this because they are all about recycling things and using the most natural products. This was very interesting to me because many hotels are not like that.  The 1 hotel itself has a very earthly type nature feel to it from the lobby even up to the suites. I will take action in communicating with the lady that we met by emailing her since she gave us her card. Any information that I might want to know about hotels or even about the 1 hotel, I will ask her.  What I liked about the site visit was that she was very informative about a lot of things even the guests complaints. What I didn’t like was the fact we didn’t get to see all the amenities they had to offer. One aspect from the site visit that made me want to work in the lodging industry was the beauty of the hotel. The hotel was very unique and working in different hotels you get to see different styles and techniques they use to lure in guests. I felt prepared for the site visit because I had expectations in my head before arriving and it seemed as if most my expectations were met. One way I need to prepare for working in the luxury hotel market is facing competitors. I will have to make sure my luxury hotel is the best. Overall I felt pretty good about the visit to 1 hotel it was truly an amazing experience for me to see a different type of style in hotels.

After visit the 1 hotel

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Last Monday we visit the 1 hotel which is located at Brooklyn Bridge. I felt so exciting because it was so petty. When I enter from the gate I felt quiet and relaxed. The staff looked nice. And then we went to the restaurant of the 1 hotel, it also made me comfortable and wanted to have eat on here. Because the view and condition was great. Later we went to 8th floor to visit room of hotel. There were many artworks in the hallway that make people want to take pictures of them. Decoration style is also very good. When we enter to the room everyone felt exciting. The room was big and clean, and it was open view room. I really wanted to live in here. We stand in the room at 8th floor, I can saw the expansive views of the East River, Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. It made me want to work at this hotel because the environment was so nice. I thought this was a amazing visited.

Hotel 1 Site Visit

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There were a lot of significant information that I learned from the 1 Hotel tour near the Brooklyn Bridge and right on the water. First and foremost the views were great! The concept of a green hotel was awesome. There is a massive yard for fun, games, art, relaxing, and pretty much anything you want. The architecture and decor are second to none. It is an art deco, hipster, eco-friendly, technology filled wonder of the 21st century. Not to mention, the restaurant downstairs, is beautifully fantastic. Overall the hotel looks great and smelled even better.

how did you feel after visiting the 1 hotel?

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How did I feel after visiting 1 hotel? Well, I really loved it. I love the fact that the hotel recycles, reuses objects, and their environment is peaceful. Something that was interesting was about the use of a tablet to call for attendance. I mean, I really didn’t like that because for me, using a phone to call is better than using a tablet, because what if one day the Internet is slow or its not even working, what would you do? see, that’s something that nobody would like. I also loved their restaurant. it was peaceful, I didn’t taste their food but I know it’s good. also, I loved how the rooms are decorated and it’s well organized.