Nicolette Hardy

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After visiting the 1 hotel the most significant piece of information I received was that the hotel is very eco-friendly. I say this because they are all about recycling things and using the most natural products. This was very interesting to me because many hotels are not like that.  The 1 hotel itself has a very earthly type nature feel to it from the lobby even up to the suites. I will take action in communicating with the lady that we met by emailing her since she gave us her card. Any information that I might want to know about hotels or even about the 1 hotel, I will ask her.  What I liked about the site visit was that she was very informative about a lot of things even the guests complaints. What I didn’t like was the fact we didn’t get to see all the amenities they had to offer. One aspect from the site visit that made me want to work in the lodging industry was the beauty of the hotel. The hotel was very unique and working in different hotels you get to see different styles and techniques they use to lure in guests. I felt prepared for the site visit because I had expectations in my head before arriving and it seemed as if most my expectations were met. One way I need to prepare for working in the luxury hotel market is facing competitors. I will have to make sure my luxury hotel is the best. Overall I felt pretty good about the visit to 1 hotel it was truly an amazing experience for me to see a different type of style in hotels.

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