A visit at the 1 hotel.

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Stewarding standards: are responsible for everything involved in the experience of a fine dining establishment,besides cooking the food.

Housekeeping standard: are responsible for preparing rooms for guest occupancy,providing laundry services and maintains the cleanliness of the hotel. To help increase professionalism and solidify a commitment to properly training staff.

Turn-down service: is where housekeeping staff enters the guest room and turning down the bed linen of the bed in the room, preparing the bed for use.

FAM Trip: means familiarization trip and is a free or low cost trip that travel agents are provided by travel operators. It’s a way for the agents to gain an understanding of the benefits of a different trips that they can sell to their clients.

This is the stairs of the 1 hotel that looks exactly like the Brooklyn bridge. I thought it was cool for them to be able to do build this while they are next to the Brooklyn bridge.

This is the stairs that you will see when u are in the lobby of the 1 hotel. It’s built just like the Brooklyn bridge which I thought it was nice for them to actually have the same thing next to the Brooklyn bridge itself.

Apples for the guest by the 1 staff hotel.

I thought it was nice for the 1 hotel to think about their guest to have apples right by the elevator before they go up to their room.


A light shade made out of mushroom .

This is hand made mushroom which is used for as a light shade. I thought that was different because they reuse everything and they believe in recycling.

I haven’t seen such a thing before

This is a rubber tire which was collected to make an art out of it.


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  1. Ansa

    Executive committee: A committee within an organization that has the authority to make certain decisions and make sure that everything is carried out, however he is not the boss.

    Average daily rate: Is used to determine the foundation of properties financial income. Represents the average rental income per occupied room. 1 hotel had a ADR of $380

    Occupancy: the occupancy is the number of rooms being used and the number of rooms that are still available i’m the hotell. It is important that the hotel keeps track of this information every day.

    Revenue management: Sell the right room to the right person and the best possible time. It is also to save time and inventory. It is to predict the right amount to sell a room for so you will not have to lower the rate another time.

    Forecast: Forecasting plays a major key in predicting the future of the hotel and it’s performance. It determines all the future planning and pricing of rooms.

    Housekeeping standards: to provide a clean atmosphere, schedule their cleaning time so they don’t inconvenient the guest.

    Stewarding standards: responsible for management and planning of resources


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