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Noemi Mendez Chapter #12 “Meetings, Conventions and Expositions”

This chapter talked about the development of the convention in the hospitality industry since the ancient times where people has always attended to meetings, conventions and exposition. Some of these events are associate with different themes that are related with social, sporting, political and religious purpose. Also the writer talked about the destination management, meeting planners, service contractors in which are organizations that provide service and their main focus is to meet the clients needs at the conventions. Another topic that the writer discuss in this chapter is the different types of meetings that are perform at the convention in which are clinic, forum, seminar, symposium, and workshop. He also discuss the different types of associations at the conventions that are trade, professional, medical/scientific, religious and government organizations. To finalize the chapter, the writer talked about the trends in the convention industry in which are more people are attending, some of the international show are limited to show, competiveness has increase, the industry should be more sophisticated and larger conventions are not well attended in the industry.

Key Words and Concepts:

Associations – Example – The New York Bar association is very popular among the bars industry.

Convention – Example – The directors of CUNY need to attend every year to local or international conventions.

Convention Center – Example: The Jacob. K Javits Convention Center is one of the 10 biggest venues in the state of New York.

Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVB) – Example: Are specialists in an organization that provide services to tourists at specials events.

Exposition – Example – The art exposition at Lehman College was a successful event on campus.

Familiarization Trip (FAM) – Example: My father always get the familiarization trip discount when he decide to travel to another country because he work in the airport.

Incentive Market– Example: The USA Company at the end of the year offer to their employees an incentive market reward for those who meet the company goals.

Meeting – Example – All the teachers need to attend a meeting to discuss child development in the classroom.

Meeting Planners – Example: Are independent contractors that work with associations and corporations.

Meetings, incentive travel, convention, and exhibition (MICE) – A group of people that works in different organizations and travel to another countries or states for a convention meeting.

Social, military, educational, religious, and fraternal groups (SMERF) – Example: All the members of the SMERF organizations was able to attend the 2015 convention at the Orlando Resorts.




Christine Delva NYT Summary

RE: French Cuisine in the Steak Country of Omaha

Omaha is known as the land of steak for French cooking at Le Bouillon located in the heart of the Old Market. The Le Bouillon Restaurant was opened in the district in December 2013. Le Bouillon offers a return to the great regional culinary heritage of France. In a lively, airy room that offers tables for groups of any size, Chef Paul Kulik presents his take on the comfort foods of rural France. Sourcing the best ingredients from local producers, set in an open, alluring space, Le Bouillon is sure to fit any occasion. The Old Market restaurant has been operating for more than 40 years. It was oringally fruit and vegetable warehouse that was converted into the Old Market. It was almost shutdown in the 1960, if it was not for Mr. Mercer. The building is now a family business and redecorated to the original look. The Old Market menu varies from many French regions such as: Aquitaine and Basque Country.  In Aquitaine is famous for the goose and duck fat, while Basque is famous for their seafood. These ingredients are located from Nebraska producers and restaurant flies food from the coast. Their beverage program begins with the belief that wine belongs on the table. Their wine list highlights France’s remarkable and moderately priced Vins de Table from magnificent producers in often overlooked areas. The bar hand-selects spirits and aperitifs to combine for a dynamic craft cocktail program. Whether cut from the Volano slicer, shucked from the raw bar, or pulled from the grill, Le Bouillon aims to demonstrate the delicious approachability of French comfort foods.

Christine Delva Chapter 12 Summary

Chapter Summary
The chapter describe how conventions are organized and what kind of people who attend. There are many different group of people known to stay at any hotels. The chapter describe what SMERF and MICE stands for and how the foundation came about. The exposition brings vendors of different department in one environment which they promote their product. When you are from a particular corporation such as: religious, educational or even military groups you have access to special offers. A business must keep in mind their customers satisfaction is the main goal to make the revenue. Convention centers are facilities owned by the government. Any events or meeting are allowed but which it must be properly presented. The destination management company helps with the needs of their guest just like a concierge of a hotel. The chapter also explains all the types of associations and their history within the society.
Key Words & Concepts
1)Association- Co-o-ra Credit Corporation is represented by a special type of association know as People Bank.
2)Convention- Marco was delegate to the Federal Constitution Convention of 1787 and support the New Jersey small state plan.
3)Convention Centers- This year 2015, the annual convention is being held Mazatlán Convention Center, next year it will be in Cancun.
4)Convention and Visitor Bureaus- The convention was reconvened on the 12th of February and the demand of Congress was comply to their satisfaction
5)Exposition- Jack mastery exposition of its method is this most important contribution to scientific progress.
6)Meeting Planner- Angela is the meeting planner for Pepsi Corporation and plan the convention every year down to very minute.
7)SMERF- Quality Inn Convention center is a full house with different participates from social, military, educational, religious or fraternal associations.
8)Meeting- Mr. Green has a meeting twice a month at Atwells Convention center.
9)Incentive Market- Large commission are powerful incentive for sales staff working in a to gain access.
10)MICE- Meetings, incentive travel, conventions and exhibitions is a type of tourism for large groups, a long time in advance for special occasions.
11)Familiarization Trip- My dad does cargo for a living. Since he travel back and forth to Haiti with American airline. He was giving familiarization trip pass to receive free or reduced price trips to anywhere he want. Continue reading

Jazmin Rodriguez – N.Y. Times Travel Section Assignment

On the Road? You Can Still Eat Like It’s Thanksgiving
By Charu Suri

I read a very fascinating article from the New York Times Travel section last week. It was published on November 11, 2015, just in time for the upcoming holidays. The article talks about how many global destinations will be offering traditional Thanksgiving dinners for travelers this year. Some of the examples given in the article include places like Jamaica, specifically Strawberry Hill, that will be serving a buffet with turkey, chicken, ribs and fish, all prepared in the traditional jerk fashion along with desserts and rum cocktails with a reasonable price per person. The Regent Porto Montenegro will also offer a four course meal on November 26 that includes a slow-cooked turkey dish and my favorite one The Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong’s Cake Shop that has created portable and stylish Thanksgiving boxes with roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, giblet gravy, and dessert, per family-size box.
The article also make mention of some domestic destination such as Westin La Paloma’s Azul restaurant in Tucson that will be serving agave chile-rubbed turkey with poblano crema and cornbread chorizo stuffing.
Albert Herrera, senior vice president for global product partnership at the travel company Virtuoso, said that his company has seeing an increase interest in travel to international destination to experience and celebrate the holiday with a traditional turkey feast.

Carlo Amaro – Chapter 4 Summary

In the fourth chapter of the text, titled “Food and Beverage Operations”, the author discusses the various facets of the of the food and beverage services typically provided by a hotel along with the nature of managing those services. The chapter begins with informing the reader that the food and beverage department of a hotel is headed by what is known as a director of food and beverage. It continues by outlining the responsibilities of this individual; these include overseeing that the kitchen,bars, restaurants and catering services are being operated in an efficient and profitable manner. In addition, this director is also tasked with supervising room service. According to the text, this position results in the director having an obligatory interest in identifying trends in the hospitality industry and a partial responsibility in organizing special events. The text continues next by elaborating on the hotel kitchen. The hotel kitchen is the domain of its executive chef. The executive chef must ensure the quality and quantity of food. They’re are tasked with producing and maintaining the organization of the kitchen, this includes delegating specific duties to those employed in the kitchen and monitoring financial performance. Furthermore, the chapter goes on to mention that larger hotels tend to have both formal and casual restaurant options. These restaurants are either independent enterprises or they’re directly attached to the hotel’s operations. It then discusses bars as a lucrative revenue center, but one fraught with liability. From that point the chapter takes a turn to focus in on the two remaining pillars of a hotel’s food and beverage operations, stewardship and catering.

In the latter part of the chapter, the text delves into the unsung hero that is the chief steward. The chief steward is the position in the food and beverage department that is tasked with ensuring that the kitchen and all the tools used in the preparation and serving of food are kept clean. They must also maintain other areas under the purview of their department, such as the backstage of the hotel. In addition, they are charged with implementing pest control. From here, the text turns its attention to the pivotal function of catering. Catering is typically categorized as either on-premise or off- premise. Hotels provide catering for events like conventions, weddings, dinners and meeting. The nature of the catering service and its organization are predicated on the event being catered to. Ultimately, catering features prominently in a food beverage department’s repertoire because it is procedurally a highly complex affair involving many parties. The chapter concludes by sharing the evolving nature of room service, and how many in the hotel industry use it strategically to boost guest satisfaction.

Key Terms

  1. Banquet- The current head of state will typically throw a lavish banquet in honor of a visiting foreign dignitary.
  2. Banquet event order (BEO)-  Hotel personnel who are involved in catering an event can find out there duties by referring to the banquet event order
  3. Brigade- The tasks of the of the kitchen are usually delegated according to the brigade system.
  4. Capture rate- A hungry but lazy guest is always great for a hotel’s capture rate.
  5. Catering- Though very lucrative, catering large events can be very taxing for a hotel kichen.
  6. Catering coordinator-  Any  contract involving catering on the part of a hotel must be reviewed by its catering coordinator.
  7. Catering event order (CEO)- See banquet event order (BEO).
  8. Catering services manager (CSM)- When an event space is not set-up as a client expected, the blame will fall the catering services manager.
  9. Chef tournant-  One can say that a chef tournant is a sort of Jack of all trades.
  10. Chief steward- For a general manager to appreciate the cleanliness of their kitchen, they must appreciate the work of the chief steward.
  11. Classroom- style seating- If the guest of an event are expected to take notes, then the organizers should implement classroom-style seating.
  12. Contribution margin- The kitchen of a hotel must sell a certain amount of a food item to justify its contribution margin.
  13. Dinner-style room seating- When dinner is a primary draw for an event, it stands to reason that the organizers will implement dinner-style seating.
  14. Director of catering (DOC)- The director of catering is the one ultimately responsible for the execution and profitability of all catering activities.
  15. Director of food and beverage- A general manager who is displeased with the quality of food being produced in their hotel must deal directly with the director of food and beverage to solve the problem.
  16. Executive chef- The hotel kitchen is generally run by the executive chef.
  17. Food cost percentage- Determining food cost percentages is integral to establishing the profitability of a hotel’s food and beverage outlets.
  18. Food sales percentage- A hotel kitchen typically expresses the cost of labor in the food sales percentage.
  19. Horseshoe-style room seating- Organizers  of an event can facilitate interaction between guest by utilizing horseshoe-style room seating.
  20. Kitchen manager- Certain multi-faceted executive chefs are referred to as kitchen managers.
  21. Labor cost percentage-  A labor cost percentage of a hotel kitchen can fluctuate on whether the items they produce are made from scratch.
  22. Perpetual inventory- A hotel kitchen can monitor cost by using software that establishes a perpetual inventory.
  23. Pilferage- An experienced restaurant owner will certainly always remember to account for pilferage when reviewing inventory.\
  24. Pour/Cost percentage- The efficiency of any bar operation is measured by its pour/cost percentage.
  25. Responsible alcoholic beverage services- An establishment runs the risk of being held legally liable if doesn’t promote and enforce responsible alcoholic beverage services.
  26. Restaurant manager- A restaurant manager is a restaurant’s equivalent to a hotel’s general manager.
  27. Room service-  A hotel guest can be surprised how expensive regularly ordering room service can get.
  28. Shopper- The employees of a hotel bar should always remain conscience of the possibility that any given customer could be a shopper.
  29. Sous chef- Sous chefs tend to work under executive chefs in the kitchen
  30. Station chef- A vegetable chef is the station chef charged with preparing vegetables.
  31. Theater-style room seating- Events that involve audiovisual presentations usually conform to theater-style seating.

Jazmin Rodriguez – Chapter 11 Summary

Chapter Summary

Chapter 11 focuses on describing the various components of casino gambling entertainment and the casino industry spread all over the world. It demonstrates, how it has become one of the most significant developments in the hospitality industry during the past three decades and how it has created new opportunities for hospitality careers within casinos resorts. We also learn that casino gambling is regulated by state governments and how are hotel operations in a gaming entertainment business different from hotel operations in a nongaming environment.

Key Words and Concepts

  1. Baccarat. My example: There has never been a time I played baccarat, and I don’t get my nine.
  2. Blackjack. My example: Roberto had bet a large sum at the blackjack table, and lost it all.
  3. Casino Resort. My example: Last weekend I spent a memorable time at the Mohegan Sun Casino Resort in Connecticut.
  4. Comp. My example: My meals and drinks at the hotel were often comped by the casino.
  5. Craps. My example: In my opinion the craps table is one of the most complicated boards game at the casino.
  6. Gambling. My example: Many people have lost fortunes due to a gambling addiction.
  7. Handle. My example: Last night the table that I was working at had a handle of one million but no one won.
  8. Hold Percentage. My example: The hold percentage of the one million handle at the poker table at the end of the night was $200,000.00.
  9. Poker. My example: It took over an hour for someone to finally join me to play poker.
  10. Roulette. My example: When I got to the roulette wheel table, I did not know what color and number to bet on.
  11. Win. My example: The more you bet the more chance there is to win in any casino.

Deven Guerrero- Chapter 11 Summary

This chapter teaches us the main functions of gambling and how it has been used to expand the hospitality industry immensely. Gambling is illegal in the U.S, except for when it’s in one place, and that’s a casino. Legal gambling has expanded the horizons of hotel owners by investing in these game machines and innovating casino or resort casino. The casino is operated by the head manager, and  wins within the casino is split between player and hotel/resort where you’re legally gambling at.  There are two types of gambling, social gambling and mercantile gambling. This chapter also explain the games played in casino’s and gambling resorts which people play to either win or lose.


Baccarat: Gambling card game in which players have three cards and they can bet against the banker. Winner is whom has highest remainder after play.

Blackjack: one of the most widely played casino games. The winner is whom first creates the sum of 21 with cards he/she has in hand.

Wins; Prize after winning a hand or game in casino.

Casino resort: A hotel that offers accommodations along with game machines for guests to gamble.
Comp: complementary items and services given out by casinos to encourage players to gamble. Example; server may give my free alcoholic beverages as encouragement to gamble.
Craps: dice game in which player bets on outcome of the dice rolled.
Handle: total amount of money bet over a particular time or event.
Gambling: Person who plays game for bet or money. For example, Me and my friend bets 10 dollars each on a basketball game. Person who wins gains their own money, along with opponent money as well.
Hold percentage: percentage of buy-in money that a table game keeps.
Poker: card game played by two or more people who bet on the value of hands dealt. Example: in a poker game, i bet 200$ against the table because i have a high number card that’ll likely beat anyone who bets against me.
Roulette: casino hame named after the french word little wheel. It’s a wheel that’s marked with prices($) or losses and spins until it lands. Example: i spun the wheel and it landed on 2,000$, i just won 2,000$.
Craps: dice game in which player bets on outcome of the dice rolled.
Handle: total amount of money bet over a particular time or event.



Christine Delva Chapter 11 Summary

Chapter Summary
Chapter 11 bases on all different aspect within the Casino industry which is rapidly changing in today’s world.Casino gaming and casino comprised of companies operating the largest segment of commercial gaming industry.The casino consists hospitality aspects towards the guest and opportunity to gamble your life away. Gambling is divide into two department: social gambling and mercantile gambling. The chapter also explains how to manage a resort and casino, what are expected to happen in the business and gambling is regulated by state and governments. The casino operation is run by the head manager, wins within the casino is split between you and hotel/resort you temporary staying at.

Key Words & Concepts

1)Baccarat- The Resort World Casino baccarat tables are located in quiet sequestered section of the resort.
2)Blackjack- Tania had bet a significant sum of chips at the blackjack table and lost everything.
3) Casino Resort- L’ Auberge Casino Resort offer full service non-stop Vegas style gaming with seventy tables games and sixteen hundred slot machines.
4)Comp- Every year I celebrate my birthday at this Club Lounge spot. The owners usually provide me with comp tickets depending on the party package I choose to take for my birthday celebration.
5)Gambling- The sheriff ran happy Jack out from the table saying he was cheating but I think he was just a better at gambling then the others.
6) Hold Percentage-Melissa is playing blackjack she buys $200 in chips. She lose $30 in bets and the hold percentage for the casino.
7)Poker- Dominique and his brothers play poker almost every Friday night to see who will do the chores on Saturday.
8)Roulette-Nancy and Cindy played the game Russian roulette to see who has the best luck.
9)Wins-If a player declaring Jason wins he received double stakes all round. If he loses he only pay single stake all rounds.
10)Craps-Mr. Banks would have a good run at the craps tables and was high on his good fortune.
11). Handle- The daily average at the Cesar Hotel is typically millions of dollars. When a bet is placed the handle increase by the amount of the bet. The handle is not affected at all.

Christine Delva NYT Summary

Resort and Hotel News: A Spa in Ireland, An Inn in the Catskills October 27th , 2015

Its is a very modern that hotels are perfect for honeymoons in todays world. From castles and stately homes to heavenly havens that have no television or no wifi. Yet the price for the night at the resort or hotel are funeral expensive would not attract your guest. When staying in a Resort or Hotel must always have experience outcome. The people look forward for the generous views over the lakes and garden combine with fine dining, luxurious room and great atmosphere in the bar at night combined with a good old fashioned hospitality. These are things we need to know if you are planning or are on a trip. Promoting your hotel or resort spa is an ongoing task which can result In successful returns as long as you keep tee he focus on both the spa and hotel/resort. The methods for a job to promote and keep the experience to the momentum in the marketing and advertising ideas coming. Your guest deserves to experience cross promote such as the spas which the hotel and resort will share the passion to make it happen for the guest. In the article the guest state the resort and hotel of Ireland is one of the best place (if not the best) to have peaceful holiday. On top of the nice architecture and landscape of the hotel, the excellent service of the staff keep you relaxed all the time. Staff was the best trained staff and very courteous. This all matters in a hotel and resort business.