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Drafting the Annotations

MLA Citation –

Nature Editorial. “What the Data Say about Police Brutality and Racial Bias — and Which Reforms Might Work.” Nature, 19 June 2020,


This article … Read More

Drafting the Annotations.

MLA Citation: Tillett, Emily. “What Is the Federal Government Doing on Gun Safety Legislation?” CBS News, CBS Interactive, 2019,

Summary: In the article created by Emily Tillett, … Read More

Drafting the annotations

Gardner, MIKAYLA. “Letter to the Editor: How Women Portrayed on TV, in Movies Perpetuates Negative Stereotypes.” 21 Apr. 2019.

The main purpose of this letter was to highlight and … Read More

Drafting the Annotations

Article used using MLA bibliographic citation:

Roscigno, V. (n.d.). Discrimination, sexual harassment, and the impact of Workplace power – Vincent J. Roscigno, 2019. Retrieved April 07, 2021, from

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