Prof. Garcia | ENG 1121 - O427 | Spring 2021

Drafting the Annotations

In this article the author brings to light the wage gap for women working in the medical field. More women are pursuing a career as doctors. Women around the world are paid less than male co-workers. The percentages of the differences in pay are revealed from a survey by Medscape. In countries such as, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Mexico, and Brazil, pay gaps were reported as they were similar to each other. Female doctors make 20-29 percent less money than their male co-workers. The survey showed that the greatest gap was in Brazil. Women working as primary care physicians in Brazil make $38,000, while men working the same field make $49,000 annually. Meanwhile, in Germany the gap is at its lowest. Women make $157,000 while men make $189,000 annually. In Canada the wage gap is in between that of Germany and the United Kingdom which ranges from 20-26 percent. According to Dr. Clover Hemans “studies also show that female doctors have lower career satisfaction and less control over their work, in addition to being paid less and shouldering more responsibilities at home.” (Boesveld)This would suggest that people view women’s work as being of less value, which may lead to patients being referred to male doctors more.

This article that was written by Sarah Boesveld grabbed my attention because the author was able to provide information on the percentages and differences in the wage gap in many other countries and expressing concern on the subject of the gender wage gap. ”More women than ever are qualifying as doctors, yet in Canada and around the world, they’re consistently paid less than their male peers. Recent studies suggest the reasons for these pay gaps are complex, transcending differences in health systems and payment models.”(Boesveld) The author addressed the issue of the wage gap and its effects on women in the medical workforce. This source was really helpful because it was able to bring me closer to answering my question concerning the gender wage gap in the medical field. I think choosing an article was a good choice because I am able to read the opinion and information/data on the subject that was researched.

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  1. Ruth Garcia

    A few things to work on:
    1. your mla citation–see Selena’s as an example:
    2. how do you know this article is credible? look up the author and site.
    3. the article is interesting but I worry about how broad this is–so many different countries. What will you look up next? how will you narrow this down a bit? or are you asking something about different countries?

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