Prof. Garcia | ENG 1121 - O427 | Spring 2021

Drafting the Annotation

Question: How can Child protection be improved

MLA Citation 

Riley, Naomi Schaefer. “Improving Child Welfare.” City Journal, 14 Mar. 2021,

    In this article that I have chosen as a source for my article. It helps by being informative and gives the readers an insight of the errors and mistakes that are made. It is an article that describes even in numbers and percentages of how many kids have been affected in the year 2020. It gives an eye opener idea that this issue is still going on due to the failure of helping protect the children as they should be looked after. The author of this article describes and in a way emphasizes the importance of the mistakes that are made and how it must change. In all parts of the child protection services including child protection and foster care. They point out how some children aren’t safe and are the ones affected out of everyone. Because they are the ones going through it the hardest. 

       This article has caught my attention because it helps answer my question. And supports it with information that helps back up my idea.not only information but with present numbers in the last year to recent events. This article is something I’ve been trying to get because it helps with my idea that I am trying to get out. Some people such as Naomi Schaefer Riley help gather some information in many ways to open our eyes to reality and case. They call out more things such as the failures of the work so people can make a difference and prevent it and enforce it to get better. I will be using her information along with others to support my idea that child welfare should be improved and there is a lot of things that must be done to fix it for the children. For the safety and support they can get.

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  1. Ruth Garcia

    Some things to work on:
    1. In your summary, instead of just say the kind of information the article gives, also include some of the key pieces of that information. For example, include some of the key statistics or examples of things gone wrong or that need to be fixed.
    2. In your second paragraph, be more specific on what this article gives you that is useful for your question.
    3. Look up the author and journal and use that to discuss credibility.

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