Prof. Garcia | ENG 1121 - O427 | Spring 2021

Drafting the Annotations.

MLA Citation: Tillett, Emily. “What Is the Federal Government Doing on Gun Safety Legislation?” CBS News, CBS Interactive, 2019,

Summary: In the article created by Emily Tillett, she goes over the measures the US congress has done towards gun safety and their stands on It. Towards the beginning, she goes over the bump stock ban and how It alone has killed 58 people during the horrific event of the Las Vegas shootings. With a bump stock, it has allowed turning semi-automatic weapons into automatic weapons allowing the weapon to basically spray like a machine gun. However, as a result of the 58 people dying the Emily states “The Justice Department in December 2018 amended the federal law prohibiting machine guns to include guns modified with bump stocks.” Moving on she talks about the Red flag laws and how these laws allow family members or even law enforcement to go to a state court and ask a judge to issue a confiscation of guns from individuals who they feel as if they pose a threat to their and everyone safety. These Red flag laws are only implemented in 14 states and more than two dozen legislature is considering doing a similar measure. Adding on she adds on how in New York the law has been quite effective in stopping firearm suicides. The next measure was the assault weapon ban, as it was one huge step in addressing the nation’s gun crisis. She mentions how assault weapons could be bought for about 1,000 dollars and how they were used in multiple shootings in a result many of the democrats wanted to renew the assault weapon ban, but It has not been voted on at all. Next, she goes over background checks and how the federal government requires instant background checks for any individual who’s planning to buy a gun. The Last statement Emily goes over is that if video games are to blame? She mentions how when Trump was president he has said that they were a leading contributor to mass shootings and how the topic seems to be very controversial as studies have been rejected by the court.

Rhetorical Analysis: Overall the article was very fluid and understanding because It showed what has the US government done about gun control laws here in America and what their take on certain laws was. I also liked this source on how organized they were and went by one in detail about each gun safety legislation and what the federal government takes on it and as someone who likes finding information quickly and clearly, this article seems to get the job done with the help of bolding each of the laws or actions taken against guns here in the US. This source also added a lot of facts and information that was quite clear and help to further expand the information given. However, towards the end, I would like to talk about one quote stated by Former president Donald Trump where he states how ” video games as a leading contributor to mass shooting events” I would have to disagree with this quote because, In my opinion, violent video games do not even contribute to mass shootings as most of the time mass shootings seem to occur with people with mental health issues and easy accessibility towards guns. Also adding on The U.S. isn’t even the largest consumer of violent video games, yet it has the highest violent gun death rates. Lastly, some questions I have for the author of this article have there been any Gun law changes recently as of 2021? Or even has the US government done any extra precautions to help at least quell the uprising in shootings as of today?



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  1. Ruth Garcia

    A couple of things to work on:
    1. Do not put the words MLA citation in front of your citation. Just give the citation.
    2. Refer to the author by last name or full name but never by just the first name.
    3. Fix in-text citation by addition parenthetical information.
    4. Look up the author and cite and discuss why this source is credible.
    5. Proof read for punctuation and grammar.

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