Prof. Garcia | ENG 1121 - O427 | Spring 2021

Drafting the Annotations

Article used using MLA bibliographic citation:

Roscigno, V. (n.d.). Discrimination, sexual harassment, and the impact of Workplace power – Vincent J. Roscigno, 2019. Retrieved April 07, 2021, from

Summary of the source:

This sources discuses workplace discrimination and work place harassment and the effect of this discrimination on the mental health of the victims and their families. In this article the author does her research by gathering 6000 different people to analyze the discrimination, sexual harassment. According to the article, discrimination takes form in several ways such as “unfair promotion and demotion practices, firing, harassment)—forms that predominate official discrimination claims and that happen, for the most part, after hiring occurs”(Roscigno, 2019).  Also, it was found that gender and age are also apart of the work place discrimination, it was found that males tend to get the promotions and have an advantage over the females.

Rhetorical analysis:

This source discusses a survey that was given and the impacts of the results of this survey help explain the injustices that occur in the work place. This author used logos as her way of going about this topic, he takes facts and data and presents it to her readers. All of the article reflects on ways that harassment and bullying can be measured and the impacts of that on the mental health of the victim. We see examples of this in her argument as he discusses the ideas taken from research done by Martin in 2004, he argues that “ both normative and structural dimensions of employment amplify gender’s salience as a status and insure the maintenance of patriarchy.” (Roscigno, 2019).  This expresses the discrimination done to women based on pay disparities, gender segregation and even pregnancy discrimination. I agree with this source because it discusses all the types of work lace discrimination and helps focus on the segregation and injustices done to women in the work place as well. This author is very ethical and help develop ethos all throughout the article because he uses facts and he used about 20 different researches and experiments to help back her up. This is also a man discusses the racial and gender injustices in the work place which gives him even ore credibility since he is a man discussing the issues of females. Further questions I have for the author is which field of work are there most discrimination? Like medical field? Or engineering? Etc. the genre choice was great it was a research based article, however, I feel like if it was a speech or letter it would have been easier to understand and it would have had more pathos to help appeal to the readers or audience. 

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  1. Ruth Garcia

    A couple of things to think about:
    1. Check your citation–it doesn’t look right to me.
    2. Part of your summary is in your second paragraph.
    3. In your second paragraph, reflect more on what you have learned and how this helps you answer your research question.
    4. Say a bit more why a man is more credible. I don’t thin you mean credible. I think you mean that he might carry more weight with other male readers. Say why.
    5. Look up the author and the source and use that to explain why this is a credible source.

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