Prof. Garcia | ENG 1121 - O427 | Spring 2021

Drafting the Annotations

MLA citation:

Monique Tello raises many questions as to how unequal people of color get treated in health care versus white people. Within this article, she begins to go into detail about how discriminatory some health care workers may be to people of color. She also gave an example about how an African American woman felt mistreated while in her time of need. According to the article the woman stated “They treated me like I was trying to play them, like I was just trying to get pain meds out of them. They didn’t try to make any diagnosis or help me at all. They couldn’t get rid of me fast enough.”. She explained how she was barely examined and basically rushed out of the hospital because they believed that she was there to only get one thing out of them, which was pain medication. The acts of those emergency room staff were simply inexcusable, due to the fact that she displayed nothing on her record to alarm them that she was someone that only seeked pain medication. This caused the woman to have to seek proper care and diagnosis from a different location. Scenarios like that are one of the many reasons why more minorities happen to face more illnesses and deaths. It has gotten to a point where larger crowds have to bring awareness to it. According to the article it stated that “We now recognize that racism and discrimination are deeply ingrained in the social, political, and economic structures of our society.3,4 For minorities, these differences result in unequal access to quality education, healthy food, livable wages, and affordable housing. In the wake of multiple highly publicized events, the Black Lives Matter movement has gained momentum, and with it have come more strident calls to address this ingrained, or structural, racism, as well as implicit bias.”. This source just demonstrated to me how unjust the system is towards minority groups. Why is it that it has to take a large movement, large movement involving thousands of black people basically crying out for help, for it to get some recognition? Especially understanding the fact that this has been going on before the Black Lives Matter movement became notorious. The genre choice definitely met up to my standards as the publisher did her best to explain how prejudice the healthcare system can be towards minorities. 

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  1. Ruth Garcia

    A couple of things to think about:
    Separate your summary and evaluation into two different paragraphs.
    2. Once you separate the paragraphs check to see it you feel that each section is complete. I feel like it would help you to develop the second paragraph a bit. Think about how this article is helpful in answering your question. Also, how do you know the source is credible? Did you look up the author and site? Include a line about that.
    3. Fix in-text citations.

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