Use the attached worksheet (which you can download) to help you get started on Unit 3.

Worksheet: Multimodal Reflection Worksheet

The questions for the worksheet are also here in the body of this post in case you do not want to download the worksheet. You can copy the questions and work on them on paper, a google doc, or any other way that makes sense for you. This work is for you! You do not need to turn it in. However, you will need to do it as you will draw from it for your post next week.

Questions for Brainstorming and Reflecting:

Think about the research you conducted for your annotated bibliography and answer the following questions.

  1. Write down your research topic and specific question.


  1. Who do you think would benefit from this information? Write down a specific group, discourse community, or person.


  1. Explain in detail why you chose this audience—to do so, think about the following: How does this research relate to your chosen audience? Why do you think this information is useful for this particular audience?


  1. What is your specific purpose for sharing your research with your chosen audience? In other words, what do you want your audience to walk away knowing? And, if relevant, believing?


  1. What multimodal genre do you think would be best for communicating with your audience?


  1. Why would this be your choice of genre for this group and for your purpose? Explain your choice in as much detail as possible.