Week 12: Monday, 4/19 – Friday, 4/23

Tuesday, 4/20 (asynchronous: work due on our class site by 11:59 pm)

WRITING: Looking at Multimodal Texts and Analyzing Samples

  • Complete the “Brainstorming and Reflection Worksheet” that I introduced in class on Thursday 4/15. (these notes are for you, not for posting—but you should have them handy for our class on Thursday, 4/22):
  • Look for two examples of the multimodal genre that you are going to compose in for Unit 3. Bring links to your examples to our synchronous class on Thursday, 4/22. Remember your examples do not have to match your topic in terms of content. You are looking at the genre.
  • Look at the sample multimodal genres that you have found, and take notes on the following (these notes are for you, not for posting—but you should bring them to class on Thursday, 4/22):
    • What are the elements and features of the multimodal genre in which you will be composing? Some things to consider are the typical length, tone, and format. Also, think about how this genre is organized and how an audience typically responds.

Thursday, 4/22 (synchronous session)

READING (skim these before coming to class–you do not need to read them carefully. Read the beginning and skim the rest as they are meant to be examples of multimodal pieces):

WRITING: Discussing Examples of Multimodal Texts and Drafting

  • Bring the following to class:
    • Your completed “Brainstorming and Reflection Worksheet”
    • Links to the multimodal pieces you are using as models for Unit 3
    • Notes on elements and features of the genre
  • We will continue working on Unit 3 during our virtual Zoom class session. Here is Zoom information for class: