Bio of myself ( Paragraph For Myself)

Paragraph For Yourself_FengYi Li_8_30_18

Name: FengYi Li

Class: CDMG 1111

Date: 8/30/18

Paragraph For Myself

My name is FengYi Li and I also have an English name, Niki. My major is communication design, and I love design. For example, I like fashion design, 3D dimensions, architecture, interior design, watercolor painting, and others.  When I was young, I always dreamed myself to be a fashion designer. But after I grow up, I know it’s very hard to succeed in fashion design. So, I changed my mind after I graduated from high school, and I decided to take communication design to my major at City Tech. Additionally, I think web design might be my final major.

In addition, I like to play table tennis, and I started playing it when I was in 4th grade. I played many table tennis competitions before. For example, the PSAL in 2016, and I am the fifth girl single in NYC, and I think I still need to improve more if I play games again. My other hobby is playing the video game with my friends on the phone, such as a game like League of Legends what we call “LOL”, and so on.