Entry 1: Finding an Internship

Date: 2/29/20

I was so excited to find an internship and it is a great opportunity for me to further expand my experience and knowledge and grow, both personally and professionally.  I believe that my educational background in website and adobe software will prove beneficial to the position and enhance the internet presence of the internship company.

The internship I found is the IE Office at Brooklyn College, and my professor Tanya Goetz had provided us information for this internship opportunity in our class. That’s why I know they hired interns for the primary responsibilities with social media, web design, graphic design for publications. In addition, I do did some research online before I applied this internship, and I believe what they are trying to do is to complete the “Institutional Research and Data Analysis” web page, it’s a page providing data and analysis for the students, faculty, and staff about their campus decision at Brooklyn College which it used for long-range and short-range strategic planning, decision-making, and policy formulation at Brooklyn College. Finally, it’s a very important web page to service and support all the people in Brooklyn College.

Then I emailed them with my resume and cover letter also in order to let them know I applied for this job position and told them I was very interested. They responded to my email on the same day and said they will be in touch with me soon to schedule an interview on the Brooklyn College campus.

Finally, I was waiting for their schedule of the interview, and at the same time I was trying to find other internship opportunities for all the resources that I got from my internship class on the open lab because I was not sure whether they would hire me after the interview or not.