Entry 11: The Exhibits From Nassau County Museum of Art

For this semester, we didn’t get a chance to go to an exhibit with the field trip. But we still got the opportunity to visit the exhibit online which is also cool. Today, I visited so many great works from the “Nassau County Museum of Art” on their website during the exhibit. This Museum has a very long history and the original year can be traced back to 1974. In addition, the Nassau County Museum of Art is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of art and culture through exhibition and education programs for people of all ages and backgrounds. In practice, the Museum pursues the mission by enhancing its permanent collections, sculpture park, historic property and natural setting. Additionally, I picked three different works that caught my eye the most in the exhibit.

The first piece from the Nassau Museum of Art’s Virtual Exhibit “Blue” that caught my eye the most because it is a fantasy about the future was James Casebere’s architectural building called “Blue House on Water by”. Even though this is a building is not beautifully appointed, it might not have everything people’s need and is not decorated very well, but the structures of the building are pared down to the simplest forms and shapes with the geometric forms of these architectural constructions transforming into organic curves in the rippling water of the flooded structure. In addition, this photo shoot of the building is also very interesting which uses a two-point perspective, a system that creates the illusion of 3-dimension space on a flat surface and edges that go back in space are diagonal. In addition, there is one horizon line in this image and there are two vanishing points on the horizon line where our eyes level go. So all lines that are parallel that go in space go to the same vanishing point which is the point where all parallel lines that go back to space meet, and objects get smaller as they go back in space. Also the reflection of the building under the water creates vitality, it’s very peaceful and comfortable. In addition, the blue of the building works very well with the natural blue, everything is so bright and clean, and relaxed.

The second piece from the Nassau Museum of Art’s Virtual Exhibit “Blue” that caught my eye the most because it is a singular painting was Christopher Winter’s painting “The Huxley Guide to Switzerland”. This is art and magic emerged simultaneously, it is lifelike for peoples just standing on the top. Experiencing the uncanny, I find myself at once attracted with the illusion. In addition, the transition of different kinds of blue work very well together, it is attractive and vibrant in color. The reflection of the mountain under the water purifies my soul, and  the two standing persons lets me believe they are the same person, just from different aspects of sexual fantasy. It is incredible, and sheer imagination produces fantastical.

I looked the artist up and found other pieces of his artworks from “MutualArt”, and many figurative paintings striking the similarity of vision, they contained the same energy and were very attractive.

The third piece from the Nassau Museum of Art’s Virtual Exhibit “Blue” that caught my eye the most because it is a singular painting was David Hockney’s illustration “The Blue Guitar” which had been inspired by Pablo Picasso’s painting “Man with the Blue Guitar”. This uses a set of colored etchings and combines with music, poetry and printmaking in a series that explores the space between reality and imagination. I can see the transformations with art, the relation between reality and the imagination. In addition, the man holding the guitar provide me a feeling of a fallen angel, and it might be associated with tranquility and calmness for the blue.