Entry 5: The Workplace Culture

The workplace culture at the IE Brooklyn College Office is very casual. Our attire was casual clothing with a very thick and warm coat because the weather was still a little cold outside when we came into the office. 

My day began at 9AM and ended at 3:30PM. In addition, we are allowed to bring coffee into the office and able to take a break at any time. Me and my partner YanLin who is another intern and my classmate as well, we both always go to the cafeteria for lunch and sometimes we would go out for drinks. For our lunch time, it all depended on the day’s workload, sometimes we got 30 minutes and sometimes it was around 1 hour, but no matter how long we have and I am very happy about it.

My supervisor Isana was very flexible with our work schedule, and our days were Monday and Thursday. She was very willing to switch our days or add more work hours for a work day. Finally,  if we needed a day off or have any issue that we cannot come to work. As long as we communicated with her, she was okay for everything with the schedule. She also created a phone message text group in order to contract with each other, so we are very free to talk in the group. 

Also, she always gave us space to let us get our work done and ask any questions if we needed help, so we always had open communication in the office. In addition, she will check our work in the half of the day, and give us some suggestions and feedback for the design, so we always need to make sure we got our work done at the end of the day. Finally, I like this work environment and the relationship with my partner and supervisor.