Entry 6: A Challenging Week Of Internship

This was a challenging week for our internship at Brooklyn College which we worked for three days around 20 hours about this week. On Monday, we started a totally new project that me and my partner both never did before which is the postcard. So in this case, it was totally new for us without any experience. Also, our goal in this project was having the students’ voices be heard and taking the student experience survey in order to make Brooklyn College better for students and their peers which let them check their Brooklyn College email for the survey invitation link. The first step we did was to search the size of the postcards at google, and we also searched for postcards designs from others as our inspiration. Then we tried to design our own postcards and came up with our own ideas, and did some drafts in indesign. Later, I had a meeting with our supervisors in order to discuss what direction we should go, which our supervisor did like my partner YanLin’s idea more compared to mine.

When we came on Thursday, we came up with a big project for the Brooklyn student survey including two posters, three boards, one banner, and two postcards, but all styles will keep the same as we discussed in the meeting on Monday. In addition, I tried to divide the work with my partner YanLin. For the poster, I did many versions in order to provide more options for my supervisor. For the board, I only did one version because we don’t have so many time. After we finished all the drafts for this project, our supervisor wanted something totally different at the end of the day and they wanted us to finish this survey project this week, that means we needed to continue working on this project on Friday. It definitely gave us some pressure for this project because the time was so limited and we needed to start everything over again. After work, we both tried to learn new skills online and did some personal work for this project at home with our personal time in order to prepare well for the next day even though we have very limited time for this project, but it was our responsibility to finish the whole project.


On Friday, we continued this project with some preparation, and we also worked hard at the job. After we finished some drafts, we had a meeting again with many supervisors, and there was one also from CityTech and she was happy with what we were doing. But they think we still need to improve more for the colors used in the design. Finally, I learned sometimes we need to know and learn what the clients really need and always balance each other, maybe to have more conversations might also help.