Entry 2: The Interview

Date: 2/5/20

After emailing the IE Office at Brooklyn College, for a couple of days I got an email from them. They emailed me a schedule for an interview, and brought a copy of my cover letter, resume, and portfolio as well. At this time, I was so excited, but also nervous because I don’t know what kind of questions they will ask in the interview. In addition, I changed my resume layout completely, and fixed some of the content with my cover letter and portfolio as well in order to provide them a more professional look because all the pdf formats I send to them are very pressing. So I need to make sure I have everything ready and well prepared before the interview.

For the interview day, I went to the office in Brooklyn College on time, and Isana was the one who interviewed me at the beginning. Then two professors also came for the interview, they all looked through my profile website and personal jewelry website together on a big screen. In addition, we discussed some of the technology questions such as 

  • Are you familiar with HTML/CSS?
  • Do you use indesign or other software?
  • Do you know how to use excel, if not can you learn it from Youtube?

During the interview, they also showed me some of the graphic design samples they did in the past in order to let me know more about what they are doing and what they really need. Finally, they hired me for this internship and let me start from February 24. Also, at the end of the interview, I asked them a question about whether they need more internships or not? They said they need one more, so I contacted my classmates for this internship opportunity, and I believed they came for the interview later. After this interview, I realized how social networks are so important in our life because when they looked at my profile for advertising, one of the interviewers asked me who is my professor in communication design class, is professor Davis? I said yes, and she told me that they are friends who worked together before already. So we had a little bit of very happy communication that made me forget my nervousness. Finally, that’s how social networks work, everything is about making connections and it’s very powerful.