Entry 11: Collaborative Project

This was the collaborative project and teamwork about the Survey Handbook, me and Yan Lin worked together with another girl Angelica Torres who is the part time job designer in Brooklyn College and we already met her during the online meeting. In addition, the total pages of this handbook are 32 pages including the cover of the font and back. Before we started this project we already had a meeting twice, for the first time we didn’t get a chance to communicate with Angelica because of her personal schedule and she missed the meeting. So we started to meet her again in the morning of the second day, and everything was going very smooth. During the discussion, Angelica told us she had a very old version of InDesign, so there was a conflict with our new version InDesign 2020 in order to open the file. Finally, I came up with a solution and borrowed my Adobe account to Angelica to down the new InDesign version.

Me with my partner YanLin, we started recreating the little figures and icons in the handbook from pages 2, 10, 17, 18, 20, 24-26. The tables and charts will be something we work on next time. All of the work required to be Brooklyn College colors with dark red “Maroon“, and Brooklyn College actually has a guideline of what their Brand publications entail, including the official RGB and CMYK codes of their official colors. This can easily be found online, and our teammate Angelica also emailed us about this guideline which is great. https://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/web/off_communications/Brand_Guidelines.pdf So me and YanLin, we started working on developing all of the other figures in the handbook including charts, graphs, questionnaires which are anything that isn’t in paragraph form.

Later, we got the email from Angelica with an issue for the Brooklyn College font and they are not free online. In addition, my partner YanLin replied to this email and sent her a link https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts?purpose=desktop&referrer=dd01e5bd12 to search the font to activate by using my Adobe Account to login in. Later, me and my partner both created more than Isana let us to do, we created the whole survey handbook including the layout, text, icons, figures, charts, graphs, questionnaires etc. We uploaded the file including the zip file to dropbox which everyone can see and edit and we also email Angelica in order to let her know. Finally, we completed our first draft of the handbook, and I learned a lot from this project about how teamwork became a power and work together, so we should all help each other in order to come up with the best solution and design.