Parsons CD Lecture Series: Carly Ayres Event

Today I will be talking about the event I went to in Manhattan, it was for public programs and events “Parsons CD Lecture Series: Carly Ayres”; and it was located at 66 W 12th St, New York, NY on February 21. I registered before I came and it was free. Carly Ayres is a writer and creative director based in New York. She is the founder of 100sUnder100, an inclusive community of hundreds of creative people under a hundred years of age. In addition, she was previously the co-founder of HAWRAF, an interactive design and technology design studio that worked to engage people in new & interesting ways. From sound-reactive identities to mirrored selfie posters, HAWRAF worked to help brands have better conversations. She also worked humanizing AI and evolving the Google logo in Google’s Creative Lab. From this event, I learned a unique perspective on practice; not only to learn from her work but also from the way she works. What drives her work and how does she sustain interest,  what are the various forces that shape her projects, and how does she manage conflicting interests in collaborations. 

In addition, what I learned from Carly Ayres is that everything is relationships, and we need to find our people, say hello to someone we don’t know or even though the person we never talk to in the class. Then bring them together and share what you know, you will get closer and closer to know each other. In addition, make sure we are always growing, and learn by doing. Additionally, never do something just because that’s the way it’s been done before. Be a Scrub Daddy, and diversify our inputs. So don’t be afraid to learn new things because more is more, the more things we try the more experience you get. Finally, All we can do is our best, don’t be afraid you are the only one to do so. Through Carly Ayres’s experience, she told us she never knew she could find a job or not for her major industry design after she graduated. But she still adhered to do what she liked, and after she graduated from school, she worked as a freelancer. Later she tried to build up different kinds of social networks, and that’s how she became more powerful. Something I found interesting was even though she is a very young lady, she is obviously successful at what she does and I can tell she is someone with lots of experience in the industry and the information she provided us was very valuable and useful, and all the hard work she put was very inspiring. After she finished her speech, she was letting us ask any questions we wanted, and I did get a chance to talk with her personally after the event which was pretty good communication and I will said she is a very nice young beautiful lady.