Autodesk SketchBook App

Autodesk SketchBook is an excellent painting and drawing app at its basic level, with in-app purchases of tools expanding it for pros. In addition, it is free and it has so many tools and features, and preset colors are really handy. It’s also very easy to use an edit, and when I have a great idea come up, I can quick conceptual sketches and then to fully finished artwork. So this is a great feature to further help with my drawing. 

Additionally, there is the drawing toolbar that we can toggle it up and down and it also has a display of pencils, pens, erasers and brushes. On the top right corner of the toll bar is a grey scale for us to adjust the thickness of the stroke by toggling up and down. Also, there is another grey scale that adjusts the stroke for opacity which toggle down for lower opacity and up for higher opacity. In addition,  this app provides many advanced tools such as different style brush heads including basic, legacy, texture essentials, copy, synthetic paint, traditional, fine art, half tone, texture, shape, splatter, glow, smudge, designer, artist, pastel, and colorless. So we can even paint textiles and textures which is really cool.

There is a toolbar at the top also, and we have an undo button, a redo button, crop tool, transformation button that allows us to change our cropped images, shape, or size anytime, paint function, rule function allows us to have a circular or straight ruler to drawing, so it is very easy to draw a perfect shape or straight line, reflector button allows us to reflect our joint vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in multiple sections, so it’s will be very easy to do the kaleidoscope effects with this reflector button, predictive stroke function can easy to smoothing out the lines that we draw. In addition, we can add pictures from a photo album, and add text from the type tool by typing in the text box, it also provides different font options for us. 

Also, there is a color palette that allows us to choose different colors from the circular ring or from the H horizontal line, the different tones in grey scale on the diamond area or the S&L lines. In addition, there is the color picker on the top right.

From the right column, there are some white squares which each square represent a layer, so we can draw on a different layer, so just like photoshop it can add, copy, paste, cut, duplicate, lock and clear the layer. Finally, it’s very easy to control and use.

In addition, I download both of the ipad version and iphone version, and they do view a little bit different. Compared to both versions, I will use the iphone version when I come up with an idea and I want to sketch my idea and concept down very quickly, and I will use the iPad version when I have more time for my drawing because its screen is larger and bigger, so it will be easier for me to control the drawing in more details.

Overall, this is a pretty cool app that allows me to draw, paint and sketch anywhere I want, and I don’t need to worry if I bring my sketchbook and pen or not. It really saves my time for any idea that I come up with. Finally, I would definitely recommend this app to anyone because it allows everyone to expressive their drawing and concept sketching.