Pinterest App

Pinterest is a social media web and a free app that requires registration to use and they also provided the website version which is very convenient for everyone to use. In addition, we can upload, save, sort, and manage images which are known as pins, and other media content through collections known as boards. So this is an app very simple to use, simply just need to pin any topic that we are interested in or any useful content into to our boards such as fashion, drawings, recipes, travels, nature and etc. So just create and name different categories of the board and then save our pins on it. Additionally, most of the images provide us with a very high quality and resolution which is great.


In addition, if we prefer a specific style or have a favorite piece from someone, we can follow them to get more ideas and news from them by clicking the follow button. Also there is a bell icon on the top right that will remind you of all the activities related to you. We can also share and message any ideas to our friends, families, classmates or others by searching their name or email.

I think this is a pretty cool app and good place for every designer that can get different inspiration from. During my internship, I used this app a lot for the color palette and some of the interesting designs, it provided me with so many ideas and helped me to develop the process of my design, so I think they are very useful. That’s why I always collected, saved and organized different images on my board. In any case, I can find my favorite pieces very easily. Finally, this is a great app that I will strongly recommend for everybody.