Quotes (with concepts)

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Name:FengYi Li

Class:COMD 1111

HW# 7: Quotes

Date: 10/18/17

                                              Concepts Of The Quotes

           My quote is “If you don’t follow your heart, you might spend the rest of your life wishing you had.”  In other words, you need to follow your heart, don’t waste your time; just do what you like because you don’t want to be regrettable in your life. So I try to find the images that relate to heart. For the first concept, I want my quote to be more serious looking, so I use the font Helvetica and it looks more professional. In addition, I want my quote to be stand out, so I just make my text to the white color and put into the black area in the image. Also, I just put the author in the dark area on the right side at the bottom. Finally, it should a very high contrast for the text. For the second concept, I find a very meaningful Tattoo image. I want to people to think about it first, then look at my quote. So I don’t let me the text to stand out that much and I decide to use font Snell Roundhand. For the third concept, I find the image about the sunlight or sunset and it’s colorful. In addition, I try to make a balance for the color between my text and the image. So I use blue and yellow in my text and make them 50%. Also, I think the word “ follow your heart, wishing you had.” is important in this quote. So I make them bigger than the general text. Additionally, I use Helvetica again because it’s more professional looking.

All the images from https://www.pinterest.com