Bio of myself ( Paragraph For Myself)

Paragraph For Yourself_FengYi Li_8_30_18

Name: FengYi Li

Class: CDMG 1111

Date: 8/30/18

Paragraph For Myself

My name is FengYi Li and I also have an English name, Niki. My major is communication design, and I love design. For example, I like fashion design, 3D dimensions, architecture, interior design, watercolor painting, and others.  When I was young, I always dreamed myself to be a fashion designer. But after I grow up, I know it’s very hard to succeed in fashion design. So, I changed my mind after I graduated from high school, and I decided to take communication design to my major at City Tech. Additionally, I think web design might be my final major.

In addition, I like to play table tennis, and I started playing it when I was in 4th grade. I played many table tennis competitions before. For example, the PSAL in 2016, and I am the fifth girl single in NYC, and I think I still need to improve more if I play games again. My other hobby is playing the video game with my friends on the phone, such as a game like League of Legends what we call “LOL”, and so on.

Color Project

img_4965img_4966This is the project for Grey and Color. For each color near around must have some transition color in order to make it looks comfortable. For example, that cool color which blue, purple and warm color which red, orange should not be put together in one work because they don’t have any transition. Finally, when you make a color work, you should put the same type of color together in order to make everything look perfect.