Author: Ahsan



1: I came late because my car stuck in snow and it’s not coming out that’s why i came late

2: I’m doing group studying with my friends that’s why i came late.

3:  I’m preparing for my job interview with my friend that’s why I came late.


1: I slept late last night and I didn’t woke up on time that’s why I came late.

2: I’m with my family and they drop me late that’s why i came late.

3:  My phone is dead and I’m waiting for charge it up that’s why I came late


1: My internet is giving me issues that why I came late in class

2: I forget my zoom password and I’m trying to recover it that’s why i came late

3: I forget to set my alarm for class nd i woke up late.


1: I like this reading because I learned some new things from that. The reader will know what types of writing they are not comfortable reading, and in turn will write according to their own preferences. Bunn also introduces the idea of using quotes at the beginning of a piece of work.

2: One thing I learned from this about what the author is conveying to the audience, how this information is being conveyed, and what one can do to write like the author.

3: The author is trying to say that Some people find that using a quote is more effective with impressing their readers and some people show different meaning of that.

4: The author Mike Bunn’s purpose in writing this piece is to explain that readers are encouraged to think about how the published text may be improved or different.

5: I think the genre of this text is an informative essay.

6: I noticed that they are so many examples because author is trying to show the main point.


My name is Syed Shah I came from Pakistan and I am 20 years old. This is my freshman year at city tech. In free time I like to make tiktok videos and also, I like to spend my time with my om because she’s everything for me, she’s playing father role too, to handle me, My current major is Computer science it’s so hard for me but I know I can do this. I will try my best to get good grades in all my classes. Best of luck guys for the semester.