My Project is based upon a song called “Express Yourself” by NWA,  the reason why I chose to base my project off this song is because I feel the song is powerful, you should be limitless of your actions be yourself, be free, don’t let people determine who you are.

  1. I will have the model put on makeup.
  2. I will have the model engage into a fun friendly mood, making it so the model feels comfortable.
  3. Red backdrop paper is a must, brings out the feeling more.
  4. Butterfly Lighting is a must.
  5. The shoot begins and the model just expresses themselves in a photograph.
  6. 2nd Shoot will consist of double exposure.
  7. My body is a work of art.


For my final project I changed the articles about how chocolate is good for diabiates to an article about bicycles. I decided to select an article about bicycles, the articles not only talks about how a helmet can save your life but also about statistic of cyclist that had lost their lives or have been injure in accident. I decided to use this article because I can relate to it, and for my shot maybe I can use my leg that has and injure from a bike accident I had.

  1. The mood of the text is serious because it talks about how a helmet can save a cyclist live and also the statistics of people that have been injure or kill in accidents.
  2. The approach i want to use is metaphorical
  3. For my approach i want to use still life
  4. The objects that I will be using is a helmet, bicycle wheel, and few more objets related to bikes.
  5. I was thinking of using black backdrop and placing my objects on the floor and shooting ground level.

Final Project

A Women’s Power Tool: High Heel

For my final project I wanted to pick a topic I connected to personally and like you said “Something that I would be proud to put in my portfolio.” For my first idea I want to take a pair of heels and shoot them on an all black background on plexiglass. A spot light will give the feeling of power and importance to the subject. I want the shoes to give the message of power and maybe even a weapon. I will give this idea a try with a different pairs of heels.

For my second idea I want to use a young lady model in heels, posing in powerful positions while still making the heels the point of focus. I still want to stick with a black back drop and try different lighting. I want dramatic and maybe even a sexy feel. There can be a shot where the model is stepping on a males hand. Feminism is the message and the heel is the key.


Final Project 2

For my second final project, my photographs will be based on a magazine article titled, The Toxic Skincare Ingredients Hiding In Your Beauty Products, from Philadelphia Magazine. The blog expresses the potential dangers of chemical ingredients used in daily personal care products. The writer, Lauren McGrath speaks about possible health risks and products that contain such substances. These products are absorbed through skin pores, entering the bloodstream. But why are they still for sale and how are the chemicals helping us?

For my shoot, I would like to focus on the chemicals of personal care products. I would like to use products that appear to be familiar, without having the brands identified.


  1. The tone of the text is serious and it appears to be pleasingly informative.
  2. My approach will be literal and metaphoric to focus on the tone.
  3. My approach will be still life and include people.
  4. My model will be a female classmate.
  5. The objects used for this shoot will be skin and hair care products of popular brands (used miscellaneous).
  6. I will use lighting with low contrast, to represent a dark view of the dangers of the products.
  7. My photographic technique is to make personal care products appear to be toxic and harmful. I will like to use a dramatic look with back lighting so the products give off a glow with colored sheets. Deep depth of field will be used to show every product sharply including the model’s skin.

Final Project 1

For my first final project, my photographs will be based on a blog titled, Fashion Jewelry is Popular and Economical. The article describes how popular costume jewelry has become and the appreciation of inexpensive jewelry. Costume jewelry is manufactured with base metals and then plated with gold or silver to give an appearance of fine jewelry. Although it may not last for many years, it can be worn countless times for many occasions.

For my shoot, I would like to focus on trendy, designer fashion jewelry. I would like each fashion piece to appear just as luxurious as fine or bridged jewelry.


  1. The tone of the text is cheerful y informative.
  2. My approach will be literal.
  3. My approach will be still life.
  4. N/A
  5. The objects used will be jewelry that is currently trendy from various designers like Michael KORS, Juicy Couture and etc.
  6. I will use diffused lighting to eliminate hard spots, shadows, and reflections, because of the high luster.
  7. My photographic technique is to make costume jewelry appear to be luxurious and worth buying. I will like to use a black reflective surface with spot lights. The depth of field will be shallow so the viewer can see the details of each piece.

Nicholas – Final

For this final project I am using an article called How music soothes the troubled soul  the article talks about how music helps go through a lot of problems in your daily life, and I believe I can do something.

1. The tone for my project will be serious and eye catching for the topic.
2. For the approach I want to use real people that I can position them in a way to capture the essence of the article.
3. The style of the photograph that I am going to be taking is profile.
4 –
5. This shoot will include anything that can be musically related such as instruments, real people and props.
6. For the shoot I want to have short light for one of them and maybe a broad light for something a little more positive.
7. For the second shoot, I want to make it bright using broad light and sorta show a optimistic mood for how music soothes the troubled soul.


For my final I would like to base my photograph on a Buzzfeed video about “Mom’s talk about their Postpartum depression.” This video was very short but I felt very strong about this case. Postpartum depression for certain mother’s mean to them is the disconnection they have with their baby. In American Psychological Association 1 in 7 mother are affected by Postpartum Depression.  This is a serious problem and I would like to make this case very seriously. I would bring two props; a baby bottle and a small teddy bear. This would illustrate the common use of baby’s but they would be place very different and have a darker lighting.

  1. The tone of this would be serious
  2. This would be a metaphorical message
  3. This image would be still life
  4. their will be no models in this photography
  5. My objects are a Baby bottle and teddy bear
  6. My lighting would be dark, with a spotlight
  7. For this image it would depict dark shadows and some shallow dept of field or a bugs eye view.
My next final would be base on another youtube video is about an artist name Cyrain.she explains about how to get recognized as an artist on social media. Which is a huge problem with plenty of new artist who want to be freelance. This would be a positive message of the images For social Media as an artist.
1. The tone of this image would be light and positive
2. This image would be a literal message
3. The image would have a little of both still life and a model
4. it doesn’t matter who is model just borrowing a hand
5. The objects is my sketchbook and my Instagram on my phone
6. I would use lights of bright light
7. This image would be bright and also show shallow depth of field


What i chose for my final project wasn’t an article but a very insightful interview with Will smith on Beats 1 radio. Basically it was about him getting back into the music industry after 10 years and basically his thoughts and how he is going to handle that. It turned into a interview about the fears of living. In his case he had a certain amount of success which should have taken away the feeling of fear but it doesn’t it makes it that much harder to try something new not knowing if it will make or break you like many people today. Fear of trying to do something is what hinders us to creating something. Its the fear of failing. You have to believe that you can do what you set for yourself what ever it may be. Its as simple as knowing what that goal is, and willing to die to see that goal happen. Don’t be afraid to fail because failing is what makes us better not hold us back. If we fall we have to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward otherwise we will stay on the floor as people pass us.

I have two different approaches that deal with the same metaphor of falling but getting back up. One is with a single subject on the ground their face is unclear but you can see a smirk on their face. Second approach i would like to be basically the evolution of man but it goes both ways. One way the subject stays in the same position, but the other way they stand strong.

  1. The tone of this piece is aspiring and bit serious at times
  2. My approach is going to be pretty metaphorical
  3. I strongly believe it should be with a person but a still life can work too
  4. If anything i can use myself as the subject to get exactly what i want if not it could possibly be any one.
  5. Bricks, you don’t just build a wall you lay one brick at a time until you make a wall
  6. High contrast dramatic lighting. Possible B&W but color can look good too.
  7. I believe the toy car shoot had that type of feeling I envisioned, I would defiantly experiment a bit.

Final Project – Vlad

For my final project i’m going to base my photos from an article called Coffee addiction: Do people consume too much caffeine? . This article goes over one of the most consumed beverages in the world, coffee (more specifically caffeine). It mentions how people are starting to try and find any adverse effects in the things we most often consume; one of which is caffeine. The article goes on to say that the amount of people that have needed emergency treatment after consuming energy drinks has doubled to more than 20k in 2011 even though energy drink companies claim its safe. It also mentions that a study shows that up to six cups of coffee a day is still a very safe range to be in. It goes on to say that many of history’s greatest minds consumed ridiculous amounts of coffee. The article concludes by saying that ultimately caffeine will effect everyone differently and that you need to decide for yourself what levels are safe.

Final Concept

  1. The tone is rather serious as is mostly goes over various facts related to the topic.
  2. My approach is going to be very literal since in both images I want the main focus point to be coffee beans.
  3. My approach is going to include only still life’s.
  4. My shoot will include coffee beans and a cup for the most part.
  5. For my first shoot i want my lighting to have a lot of contrast and i want the highlights to be very well in focus. For my second shoot i would opt for a flatter approach where the lighting is evenly spread out.
  6. For my first shoot i want it to be slightly dark but with shallow depth of field because i would prefer to have some of the coffee beans in focus while others are blurred out. This would require me to use a macro lens. For my second shoot i would like to try multiple techniques but my idea mainly centers on it being the typical food photography. I envision it being taken from a birds eye perspective but depending on the results i get from playing around with this i may reconsider.

Final Project

For the final project, I would like to base my photographs off of the story, Birdie Num-Num by Lavanya Sankaran. This story is about Tara Srinivasan, her mother, and their very different point of views regarding Tara’s future. While Tara is visiting her parents in Bangalore, India, she is focused on completing her PhD. Her mother, however, has other plans for her. Tara is now 27 years old and she doesn’t even have a significant other in her life. Since Tara has no intention of fulfilling her mother’s wishes and getting married anytime soon, Mrs. Srinivasan takes matters into her own hands. Mrs. Srinivasan plans a cocktail party to market her daughter to potential buyers, which she refused to admit to Tara, claiming it was just a warm homecoming party in her honor. All of Mrs. Srinivasan’s friends had grandchildren, she was the only one without grandchildren and an unwed daughter. Whatever selfish reasons Tara had for not wanting to get married, she had to realize that none of that no longer mattered. More than enough time had passed, it was her duty and obligation as a daughter to give her mother what she wanted most – grandchildren. This was the way it had always been, it was all Mrs. Srinivasan knew – it was all part of the social contract.  

“Birdie Num-Num” is an ideal representation of parental expectations, traditional gender roles, and perhaps most importantly – societal pressures. For each photo shoot, I would like my subject to represent the point of views of both Tara and her mother.


Slack for iOS Upload (3)

1) The mood of the first photo shoot is bright, happy, colorful, typical of a wedding. The second photo shoot is more serious since it represents Tara’s focus on completing her thesis for her PhD and what she would rather be doing.

2) Both of my approach is pretty literal instead of metaphorical because it is easy to interpret.

3) My approach will be a still life. I would prefer if my pictures had a sense of mystery to them. By not having models in my photographs, I think it makes viewers wonder whether not someone is getting married or whether or not someone is making use of these books and studying.

4) Not Applicable

5) For the first week, I plan on photographing bangles and a shawl, two very important items in an Indian wedding, in order to represent Mrs. Srinivasan’s point of view. The next week, in order to represent Tara, I would like to photograph a stack of books and maybe a wine glass.

6) I would prefer to use brighter, even lighting for the first shoot. For the second shoot, I would like the lighting to be a little more moody.

7) I’d like both photo shoots to be shallow depth of field.