For my final project I changed the articles about how chocolate is good for diabiates to an article about bicycles. I decided to select an article about bicycles, the articles not only talks about how a helmet can save your life but also about statistic of cyclist that had lost their lives or have been injure in accident. I decided to use this article because I can relate to it, and for my shot maybe I can use my leg that has and injure from a bike accident I had.

  1. The mood of the text is serious because it talks about how a helmet can save a cyclist live and also the statistics of people that have been injure or kill in accidents.
  2. The approach i want to use is metaphorical
  3. For my approach i want to use still life
  4. The objects that I will be using is a helmet, bicycle wheel, and few more objets related to bikes.
  5. I was thinking of using black backdrop and placing my objects on the floor and shooting ground level.

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