Final Project – Vlad

For my final project i’m going to base my photos from an article called Coffee addiction: Do people consume too much caffeine? . This article goes over one of the most consumed beverages in the world, coffee (more specifically caffeine). It mentions how people are starting to try and find any adverse effects in the things we most often consume; one of which is caffeine. The article goes on to say that the amount of people that have needed emergency treatment after consuming energy drinks has doubled to more than 20k in 2011 even though energy drink companies claim its safe. It also mentions that a study shows that up to six cups of coffee a day is still a very safe range to be in. It goes on to say that many of history’s greatest minds consumed ridiculous amounts of coffee. The article concludes by saying that ultimately caffeine will effect everyone differently and that you need to decide for yourself what levels are safe.

Final Concept

  1. The tone is rather serious as is mostly goes over various facts related to the topic.
  2. My approach is going to be very literal since in both images I want the main focus point to be coffee beans.
  3. My approach is going to include only still life’s.
  4. My shoot will include coffee beans and a cup for the most part.
  5. For my first shoot i want my lighting to have a lot of contrast and i want the highlights to be very well in focus. For my second shoot i would opt for a flatter approach where the lighting is evenly spread out.
  6. For my first shoot i want it to be slightly dark but with shallow depth of field because i would prefer to have some of the coffee beans in focus while others are blurred out. This would require me to use a macro lens. For my second shoot i would like to try multiple techniques but my idea mainly centers on it being the typical food photography. I envision it being taken from a birds eye perspective but depending on the results i get from playing around with this i may reconsider.

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