What i chose for my final project wasn’t an article but a very insightful interview with Will smith on Beats 1 radio. Basically it was about him getting back into the music industry after 10 years and basically his thoughts and how he is going to handle that. It turned into a interview about the fears of living. In his case he had a certain amount of success which should have taken away the feeling of fear but it doesn’t it makes it that much harder to try something new not knowing if it will make or break you like many people today. Fear of trying to do something is what hinders us to creating something. Its the fear of failing. You have to believe that you can do what you set for yourself what ever it may be. Its as simple as knowing what that goal is, and willing to die to see that goal happen. Don’t be afraid to fail because failing is what makes us better not hold us back. If we fall we have to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward otherwise we will stay on the floor as people pass us.

I have two different approaches that deal with the same metaphor of falling but getting back up. One is with a single subject on the ground their face is unclear but you can see a smirk on their face. Second approach i would like to be basically the evolution of man but it goes both ways. One way the subject stays in the same position, but the other way they stand strong.

  1. The tone of this piece is aspiring and bit serious at times
  2. My approach is going to be pretty metaphorical
  3. I strongly believe it should be with a person but a still life can work too
  4. If anything i can use myself as the subject to get exactly what i want if not it could possibly be any one.
  5. Bricks, you don’t just build a wall you lay one brick at a time until you make a wall
  6. High contrast dramatic lighting. Possible B&W but color can look good too.
  7. I believe the toy car shoot had that type of feeling I envisioned, I would defiantly experiment a bit.

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  1. rmichals

    Fear of failure is a great topic. Last week you shot Amanda literally on the ground and getting up. What imagery can you develop for this idea that is more metaphorical?


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