Final Project 1

For my first final project, my photographs will be based on a blog titled, Fashion Jewelry is Popular and Economical. The article describes how popular costume jewelry has become and the appreciation of inexpensive jewelry. Costume jewelry is manufactured with base metals and then plated with gold or silver to give an appearance of fine jewelry. Although it may not last for many years, it can be worn countless times for many occasions.

For my shoot, I would like to focus on trendy, designer fashion jewelry. I would like each fashion piece to appear just as luxurious as fine or bridged jewelry.


  1. The tone of the text is cheerful y informative.
  2. My approach will be literal.
  3. My approach will be still life.
  4. N/A
  5. The objects used will be jewelry that is currently trendy from various designers like Michael KORS, Juicy Couture and etc.
  6. I will use diffused lighting to eliminate hard spots, shadows, and reflections, because of the high luster.
  7. My photographic technique is to make costume jewelry appear to be luxurious and worth buying. I will like to use a black reflective surface with spot lights. The depth of field will be shallow so the viewer can see the details of each piece.

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