For my final I would like to base my photograph on a Buzzfeed video about “Mom’s talk about their Postpartum depression.” This video was very short but I felt very strong about this case. Postpartum depression for certain mother’s mean to them is the disconnection they have with their baby. In American Psychological Association 1 in 7 mother are affected by Postpartum Depression.  This is a serious problem and I would like to make this case very seriously. I would bring two props; a baby bottle and a small teddy bear. This would illustrate the common use of baby’s but they would be place very different and have a darker lighting.

  1. The tone of this would be serious
  2. This would be a metaphorical message
  3. This image would be still life
  4. their will be no models in this photography
  5. My objects are a Baby bottle and teddy bear
  6. My lighting would be dark, with a spotlight
  7. For this image it would depict dark shadows and some shallow dept of field or a bugs eye view.
My next final would be base on another youtube video is about an artist name Cyrain.she explains about how to get recognized as an artist on social media. Which is a huge problem with plenty of new artist who want to be freelance. This would be a positive message of the images For social Media as an artist.
1. The tone of this image would be light and positive
2. This image would be a literal message
3. The image would have a little of both still life and a model
4. it doesn’t matter who is model just borrowing a hand
5. The objects is my sketchbook and my Instagram on my phone
6. I would use lights of bright light
7. This image would be bright and also show shallow depth of field

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