Final Project

A Women’s Power Tool: High Heel

For my final project I wanted to pick a topic I connected to personally and like you said “Something that I would be proud to put in my portfolio.” For my first idea I want to take a pair of heels and shoot them on an all black background on plexiglass. A spot light will give the feeling of power and importance to the subject. I want the shoes to give the message of power and maybe even a weapon. I will give this idea a try with a different pairs of heels.

For my second idea I want to use a young lady model in heels, posing in powerful positions while still making the heels the point of focus. I still want to stick with a black back drop and try different lighting. I want dramatic and maybe even a sexy feel. There can be a shot where the model is stepping on a males hand. Feminism is the message and the heel is the key.


1 thought on “Final Project

  1. rmichals

    My only reservation about the article is that it is over 15 years old. The topic is certainly still current though. I don’t think you need to get literal about have the shoes hurting anyone. Lighting should be able to say it all.


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