Nicholas – Final

For this final project I am using an article called How music soothes the troubled soul  the article talks about how music helps go through a lot of problems in your daily life, and I believe I can do something.

1. The tone for my project will be serious and eye catching for the topic.
2. For the approach I want to use real people that I can position them in a way to capture the essence of the article.
3. The style of the photograph that I am going to be taking is profile.
4 –
5. This shoot will include anything that can be musically related such as instruments, real people and props.
6. For the shoot I want to have short light for one of them and maybe a broad light for something a little more positive.
7. For the second shoot, I want to make it bright using broad light and sorta show a optimistic mood for how music soothes the troubled soul.

One thought on “Nicholas – Final

  1. rmichals

    I can’t read this article as I am not a subscriber to the WSJ. Are you?

    The little bit one can read emphasizes the power of playing an instrument. How will you make this about the emotional effects of music and not about the literal mastery of practicing an instrument?


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