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Nicholas – Final

For this final project I am using an article called How music soothes the troubled soul  the article talks about how music helps go through a lot of problems in your daily life, and I believe I can do something.

1. The tone for my project will be serious and eye catching for the topic.
2. For the approach I want to use real people that I can position them in a way to capture the essence of the article.
3. The style of the photograph that I am going to be taking is profile.
4 –
5. This shoot will include anything that can be musically related such as instruments, real people and props.
6. For the shoot I want to have short light for one of them and maybe a broad light for something a little more positive.
7. For the second shoot, I want to make it bright using broad light and sorta show a optimistic mood for how music soothes the troubled soul.


For the “She Being Brand” poem.  It takes places during the 1920’s and uses the car as part of a first time sexual experience. The evidence for that is “I went right to it flooded-the-carburetor cranked her.”  However, “Coming Home, Detroit” I find it not only more political, but at the same time focuses more on everyday American life that we go through everyday. I say this because In this poem It’s a person that’s driving while going through everyday Detroit life such as “We burn this city everyday” indicating some of the actions that were going on in that period in present tense.

For my idea, I would try to take shots of the insides of the vehicle to kinda show what’s in the “Interior” for those who want to drive a car for the first time.

The second one is a wide shot of the car from above to kinda show that the car will keep driving. (Still in development)


For this article, it talked about how Monsanto is a monopoly that some of the corruption of how food is being made in the industry and how it impacts the food that we keep mass producing.

Some of my ideas I have is sorta show pieces falling off the potatoes and make it look like it has scares. I believe that would be effective because it really shows what food goes through in order to coexist.

Campaign Analysis 4 – Beats and Bose

Both Beats and Bose have a different message and different ways of approaching there ads. Beats wants to focus more on the style of the headphones but letting people know that it’s something that you will keep wearing because of how loud it can get. Bose focuses more on the features and benefits of the brand/product using a kid, dog and a construction worker (who makes noise) and sorta has like a domino affect making it look like a volume control. Beats audiences focuses more on Adults, black consumers and people who generally love to listen to music with style. Bose target audience is the opposite which would be adults, audiences that want less noise and people who love tech who take there technology seriously. The Beats ads focuses more on profile focusing on the face with the product, while Bose focused on a mid-shot conceptual ad. Beats focuses on profile shots because it focuses on the product itself on the person’s ear making it look stylish and using celebrities to promote there products and to focus on there target audience which are black people. Bose focuses more on the conceptual photography to effectively communicate there features in real life situations.

Campaign Analysis 3 – Foursquare and Yelp

These campaigns focuses on an adult audience. But how it’s executed is a whole different story. In Foursquare, you have two individuals different from one another that shows bubbles of places of what they want. In Yelp, the way it’s done uses humor to get a more broader audience despite focusing on just adults. Yelp uses bad situations but makes them better if they used Yelp to get them to the places they want. While Foursquare focuses more on a more serious approach trying to show how convenient they are despite Yelp being far more superior in there message.

Campaign Analysis 2 – Shaving Beard

In these series of ads, there are several difference in both of them in terms of how they communicate. The first photo  is a horizontal portrait using broad lighting. The image also includes a man with a beard with a squirrel attached to his face. The 2nd ad is a photo of a guy who looks menacing, serious, and tough. The ad uses short light and typography to communicate the brand/product using the athlete as a result for the consumer to shave with confidence. Each image has a different emotional tone to them. The first photo has a calm mood, and the reason why I say that is if you look at the lighting, the color and the expression of the person. He doesn’t seem to be bothered with what is in his face. While the 2nd photograph is more serious, uses colors that reflect the brand, a long with having  a stadium as the background to show the setting of the sport as well.

Campaign Analysis 1 – Nicholas Kyriazopoulos

In these compositions they both communicate differently but has certain elements that make them both stand out. For example: The lighting in Raymond Weil shot is coming from above where the shot has been taken showing the contrast of the bodies, while in the Pantone ad you can see they use different colored lightings from different angels and casting shadows that creates an abstract vibrant feeling. The composition itself for both of them have different placements in terms of how they communicate. In Raymond Weil ad you can see that the composition creates an arch where the people create a elevated poses, while Pantone has the people placed within the colors and the environment. In terms of Angel of view, Raymond Weil has a standard mid-shot taken in the same positions, while pantone has a wide-shot that shows all the people in different position & distances from one another. The subject matter of these campaigns is in Raymond Weil you can see the people posing has a more serious approach in there positioning advertising a product, while Pantone is advertising art and abstraction, showing how colors work with one another in having models in the studio to show more life. The two images uses the metaphor of dance in a way to show expression and emotion. For Raymond you have something that’s serious elevated positioning in black and white forming an arch shape and using there arms for the dials on a clock. In Pantone is expresses vibrancy, freedom and just shows the feeling of fun to express how they feel being in that particular environment.