Campaign Analysis 1 – Nicholas Kyriazopoulos

In these compositions they both communicate differently but has certain elements that make them both stand out. For example: The lighting in Raymond Weil shot is coming from above where the shot has been taken showing the contrast of the bodies, while in the Pantone ad you can see they use different colored lightings from different angels and casting shadows that creates an abstract vibrant feeling. The composition itself for both of them have different placements in terms of how they communicate. In Raymond Weil ad you can see that the composition creates an arch where the people create a elevated poses, while Pantone has the people placed within the colors and the environment. In terms of Angel of view, Raymond Weil has a standard mid-shot taken in the same positions, while pantone has a wide-shot that shows all the people in different position & distances from one another. The subject matter of these campaigns is in Raymond Weil you can see the people posing has a more serious approach in there positioning advertising a product, while Pantone is advertising art and abstraction, showing how colors work with one another in having models in the studio to show more life. The two images uses the metaphor of dance in a way to show expression and emotion. For Raymond you have something that’s serious elevated positioning in black and white forming an arch shape and using there arms for the dials on a clock. In Pantone is expresses vibrancy, freedom and just shows the feeling of fun to express how they feel being in that particular environment.

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