Campaign Analysis 4 – Beats and Bose

Both Beats and Bose have a different message and different ways of approaching there ads. Beats wants to focus more on the style of the headphones but letting people know that it’s something that you will keep wearing because of how loud it can get. Bose focuses more on the features and benefits of the brand/product using a kid, dog and a construction worker (who makes noise) and sorta has like a domino affect making it look like a volume control. Beats audiences focuses more on Adults, black consumers and people who generally love to listen to music with style. Bose target audience is the opposite which would be adults, audiences that want less noise and people who love tech who take there technology seriously. The Beats ads focuses more on profile focusing on the face with the product, while Bose focused on a mid-shot conceptual ad. Beats focuses on profile shots because it focuses on the product itself on the person’s ear making it look stylish and using celebrities to promote there products and to focus on there target audience which are black people. Bose focuses more on the conceptual photography to effectively communicate there features in real life situations.

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