Beats and Bose

Both Beats and Bose are headphone companies, but they are selling to different messages. In the Beat ad, There are three African American athletes which means their audience would be more for young african american teens or athletes. The slogan is “Hear what you want” which means that you can hear whatever you want without hearing the background, you can be focus. The models are actually focus and all in profile views. Also the ads also state that the headphones are wireless, so it will adapt to any environment. The photography style seems to be more serious and focus on the model. This supports the message of being focus on whatever is  important to the subject and not the outside.

While on the other hand Bose shows a conceptual view of their product. Their slogan is “Noise canceling headphones”. This is completely different message because the headphones will cancel any type of sound, even if your hearing music or not. The audience seem to be everyday people who just want peace and quiet. The photography style is quite interesting because every subject looks like volumes going down. The style supports the message  because once you put the headphones on you are completely listing to silence.

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