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For my final I would like to base my photograph on a Buzzfeed video about “Mom’s talk about their Postpartum depression.” This video was very short but I felt very strong about this case. Postpartum depression for certain mother’s mean to them is the disconnection they have with their baby. In American Psychological Association 1 in 7 mother are affected by Postpartum Depression.  This is a serious problem and I would like to make this case very seriously. I would bring two props; a baby bottle and a small teddy bear. This would illustrate the common use of baby’s but they would be place very different and have a darker lighting.

  1. The tone of this would be serious
  2. This would be a metaphorical message
  3. This image would be still life
  4. their will be no models in this photography
  5. My objects are a Baby bottle and teddy bear
  6. My lighting would be dark, with a spotlight
  7. For this image it would depict dark shadows and some shallow dept of field or a bugs eye view.
My next final would be base on another youtube video is about an artist name Cyrain.she explains about how to get recognized as an artist on social media. Which is a huge problem with plenty of new artist who want to be freelance. This would be a positive message of the images For social Media as an artist.
1. The tone of this image would be light and positive
2. This image would be a literal message
3. The image would have a little of both still life and a model
4. it doesn’t matter who is model just borrowing a hand
5. The objects is my sketchbook and my Instagram on my phone
6. I would use lights of bright light
7. This image would be bright and also show shallow depth of field

Optimism Glass Full or Empty

In this article they were pursuing the positive side of life. The things they were stating that even though life can be difficult and sometimes its quicker to feel upset or sad about something, than feeling better about something. The idea I got from reading this article to show many lights, also light colors. Maybe sweet spring colors can show a vibe of something new, something fresh. Probably some sweet flowers in the photographs are great. Being positive is a beautiful thing and many people should feel that way. Another idea that can be photograph is to put food coloring into one glass and pouring it into an empty glass so this would mean to share the positive just like the article stated positivity is contiguous


In “She being Brand” by E.E. Cummings is a very distinct poem. It describes a sexual output where the writing seems to be explaining a first ride in a car, but it actually means a females first sexual encounter. The writer describes in the essay that “we turned the corner of Divinity avenue” which is a great example of a car driving at a specific corner. But this can also mean a Divinity of a climax. This poem is a very interesting one.

While in “Coming Home Detroit” by Philip Levine is a totally different explanation of a car driving through the rough city of Detroit. At that time it was full of riots and chaos. This city is known for building many cars from Cadillacs to Chevys. At that time the city was burning down. When the writing describes “the twisted river stopped at the color of iron” this describes both a building polluting car and a destroyed city.

Beats and Bose

Both Beats and Bose are headphone companies, but they are selling to different messages. In the Beat ad, There are three African American athletes which means their audience would be more for young african american teens or athletes. The slogan is “Hear what you want” which means that you can hear whatever you want without hearing the background, you can be focus. The models are actually focus and all in profile views. Also the ads also state that the headphones are wireless, so it will adapt to any environment. The photography style seems to be more serious and focus on the model. This supports the message of being focus on whatever is  important to the subject and not the outside.

While on the other hand Bose shows a conceptual view of their product. Their slogan is “Noise canceling headphones”. This is completely different message because the headphones will cancel any type of sound, even if your hearing music or not. The audience seem to be everyday people who just want peace and quiet. The photography style is quite interesting because every subject looks like volumes going down. The style supports the message  because once you put the headphones on you are completely listing to silence.

FourSquare and Yelp

Both ads are apps that provide a easier way to improve busy people lives. The Yelp ad shows a few commercials that identify different people situations that yelp could have or should have helped people. The spoke man looks like a hipster who usually uses yelp. And it is known that hipsters use yelp anyway. Yelp’s slogan is when you need it and wherever you need it. This gives a perfect example of what they are selling to people. Yelp seems to have an younger audience.

On the other hand foursquare seem to be showing a completely different ad. They are using two different people with two different likes. The foursquare seems to be using a checklist that probably can lead you to what you want.  The slogan for foursquare says “what you like and leads you to a place you’ll love. Their audience is for busy adults who are looking for quick places to eat, or other things

Beards Compare and Contrast

Both of the two ads give off a very different vibe. First, the portrait about the bearded man is a full frontal, waist length, and the man head is 3/4 turned. The lighting is broad with smooth shadows. The ad is in portrait by the way the model looks confident.  The Audience the ad was communicating were hipsters who love to embrace their beards. The tone they are trying to produce are confident hipsters. On the other hand the Gillette ad gives off a different vibe. This is a landscape ad. The model is shown from shoulders and up. He is looking towards the camera and gives a masculinity to his audience. The audience they are trying to pursue is the manly athletic type men who likes a clean cut.

Compare and Contrast

The Campaigns both show a very unique style of creativity. In the Pantone design, this describes the creativity of color. The Dancers use specifically to compliment the colors and backgrounds. The lightening is very dim and shows a lot more shadows than the other design. The composition in the Pantone design, is more of a panoramic view. The view is very wide. There is also a lot of backlight. The metaphor in the Pantone Image explains a story of color and how it is shown in the seasons. The Dancers interact with the colors and background. On the other hand, The Raymond Weil design is more of a classic vibe. The black and white image shows a classic and almost elegant feel. The front light shows high key. The dancers are interacting with each other. It seems like the dancers are forming more of a watch. The Raymond Weil design explains a metaphor of movement and elegances. The dancers in this campaign shows off an interesting twisted feel of a clock. The female on the bottom right shows a familiar feel of a clocks arms. While the dancers behind shows how a clock is formed.