Compare and Contrast

The Campaigns both show a very unique style of creativity. In the Pantone design, this describes the creativity of color. The Dancers use specifically to compliment the colors and backgrounds. The lightening is very dim and shows a lot more shadows than the other design. The composition in the Pantone design, is more of a panoramic view. The view is very wide. There is also a lot of backlight. The metaphor in the Pantone Image explains a story of color and how it is shown in the seasons. The Dancers interact with the colors and background. On the other hand, The Raymond Weil design is more of a classic vibe. The black and white image shows a classic and almost elegant feel. The front light shows high key. The dancers are interacting with each other. It seems like the dancers are forming more of a watch. The Raymond Weil design explains a metaphor of movement and elegances. The dancers in this campaign shows off an interesting twisted feel of a clock. The female on the bottom right shows a familiar feel of a clocks arms. While the dancers behind shows how a clock is formed.

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