Campaign Analysis

These two images differ in many different ways. For instance….. one image is in black & white while the other in in color. Black & White has always been very powerful along you to feel emotion, creativity, etc. Colored images seem to be to distracting throwing you away from the the whole idea of the image. The black & white image seems to show more movement while the main focus on the colored image is actually the color in itself.  “Precision” you can actually say the black and white image is very precise seeing as that the people are in mid air and the image is very crisp. On the other hand the Color image is more emphasized on the color more so then the actually dancing, but thats what usually happens when you incorporate color in an image. The similarities these photos share are the art of dancing. The term Precision for the watch also relates to dancing because if you aren’t precise then you aren’t going to be able to perfect what you are doing, thats like a watch not providing you with the right time it therefore just becomes useless. Precision is the key to success.

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  1. rmichals

    You make an interesting point about the level of difficulty in the dancers movements. In the watch ad the dancers are in mid air as you say and the movements look difficult to achieve. The Pantone ad puts all the emphasis on the color and the dancers while striking poses are a vehicle for the color. their poses if they were really difficult would take out attention away from the color.


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