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My Project is based upon a song called “Express Yourself” by NWA, ┬áthe reason why I chose to base my project off this song is because I feel the song is powerful, you should be limitless of your actions be yourself, be free, don’t let people determine who you are.

  1. I will have the model put on makeup.
  2. I will have the model engage into a fun friendly mood, making it so the model feels comfortable.
  3. Red backdrop paper is a must, brings out the feeling more.
  4. Butterfly Lighting is a must.
  5. The shoot begins and the model just expresses themselves in a photograph.
  6. 2nd Shoot will consist of double exposure.
  7. My body is a work of art.

Comparison ; Coming home Detroit, She being Brand


“she being Brand” this poem was a sexual fantasy of car, the author brings you very in-depth of how the character describes his fantasy within metaphors, he uses phrases such as, ┬á” I went right to it flooded-to the carburetor cranked her.I touched the accelerator and give her the juice, good.” The desires he as are as if the car is a female and he references these thoughts towards a car, he loves and adores.

In the poem ┬á“Coming Home, Detroit”

He uses metaphors like ” A winter Tuesday, the city pouring fire. We burn this city everyday.”

The both depict a feeling of some sort, the passion/love for the car and the feeling of coming back home to a location that has changed dramatically. Metaphors allow you to understand the important of these topics. Detroit had been messed up and the man had really fantasized the car as if it were a women.

FourSquare Vs Yelp Ad Campaigns

Well the Ad Campaigns used for both of these brands differ. Yelp chooses to go towards a whole video aspect but Foursquare chooses to promote their brand with an image. ┬áVideos tend to catch your attention more often well at least in my opinion, I am a video person I’ve always been interested in watching and listening then actually paying close attention to text. Yelp actually will grow faster for the simple fact that people prefer to watch then to read. ┬áVideos are entertaining and well photos are just blah… if you aren’t really interested in things like type or colors then an Ad campaign like the one foursquare introduced would not seem much appealing to you.

Promoting your brand is one thing but the way your promote your brand is another thing. The way you promote your brand is what will allow you to have a low amount of viewers vs a high amount of viewers.

Ad Comparison Schick VS. Gillette

So we’ve got 2 leading brand Razor companies….. Well they’ve seem to promote themselves in different ways within these 2 images. Schick decided to give you a more then the average glamour shot, they’ve went above and beyond by giving us Torso and above. It isn’t just about the facial features , the clothing plays a┬ábig role in this image as well. We’ve got a properly dressed male , decent haircut with a squirrel attached to his face. Clean cut, classy professional look is what Schick is going for. Not really understanding the purpose of squirrel on the mans face but it fits on perfectly fine and you would assume that its actually a beard. Females also do prefer to use the brand Schick for a number of reasons. That being that they assume that Gillette is known for being only for males. On the other hand we’ve got a Gillette a brand popularly known by Athletes. We have a dominant facial expression , anger in the face of this individual but its sport affiliated so thats expected. The image shows you a well shaved male in the NFL with text faces very bold providing information about the brand what they provide and the name of their company. ┬áThese brands have a completely different audience that being that Schick is for the more classy type of individual while Gillette is more used by athletes.

Campaign Analysis

These two images differ in many different ways. For instance….. one image is in black & white while the other in in color. Black & White has always been very powerful along you to feel emotion, creativity, etc. Colored images seem to be to distracting throwing you away from the the whole idea of the image. The black & white image seems to show more movement while the main focus on the colored image is actually the color in itself. ┬á“Precision” you can actually say the black and white image is very precise seeing as that the people are in mid air and the image is very crisp. On the other hand the Color image is more emphasized on the color more so then the actually dancing, but thats what usually happens when you incorporate color in an image. The similarities these photos share are the art of dancing. The term Precision for the watch also relates to dancing because if you aren’t precise then you aren’t going to be able to perfect what you are doing, thats like a watch not providing you with the right time it therefore just becomes useless. Precision is the key to success.