Comparison Between The Two Campaigns

The Make It Brilliant Campaign for Pantone and the Precision Movements campaign for Raymond Weil definitely have quite a few similarities between themselves. For instance, they both use dancers and the motion of those dancers to help accentuate the product that these companies are trying to advertise and sell. They all both use dancers to help add the human touch that helps connect with the viewer and to give their campaigns a more authentic feel, to prevent them from coming off as condescending to an increasingly cynical and aware public. However, there are a few differences between the Pantone campaign and the Raymond Weils campaign.

Pantone, for example, used the motion of three dancers to help build a metaphor as to how light can flow, be rich and just flat out jump at you. While in contrast, Raymond Weil uses the motion of the dancers to help accentuate and metaphorize themselves as the cogs, gears and the arms of the face of the clock; helping the campaign add extra emphasis into the “precision” part of the product. Regardless of the differences, both of these campaigns achieved their goal, for lack of a better term, in a very stellar fashion.

Another contrasting comparison between the two campaigns is a pretty obvious one, the use of color. The Pantone campaign is full of the most saturated and otherworldly colors you can even imagine. The Raymond Weil campaign, however, focuses more on the black & white spectrum of color with the exception of the actual watches shown in the ad.

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