Vlad – Bose & Beats

The Bose and beats campaigns overall have a very different thought process behind them. I personally see the beats campaign as far less effective because it seems like their almost trying to stereotype who they want to sell it too. They chose black males who are most likely the inspiration to younger black males, whom the product is generally directed towards. All the shots are profile view and the 3 ads themselves are very different. Two of them have the product in it while one is in a car without the actual headphones. On one of them they have plenty of negative space while on another far less so. Now this part was thought out a bit more because their attempting to market different models of headphones such as wireless, studio, etc. Even though this is a good idea in concept, in reality there just isnt enough consistency between them to make it an effective campaign in my opinion, even if they do work as separate images.

The Bose campaign on the other hand has a very strong concept behind it but is just a little bit too subtle. All of their campaigns feature very diffused lighting and a clear representation of what their trying to show, which are volume bars and at the lowest bar they include the bose noise canceling headphones headline. They also use them to represent who their trying to market it towards, for example parents, dog owners, or anyone that may live near a place where construction happens often such as a city.

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