Campaign Analysis 2 – Shaving Beard

In these series of ads, there are several difference in both of them in terms of how they communicate. The first photo  is a horizontal portrait using broad lighting. The image also includes a man with a beard with a squirrel attached to his face. The 2nd ad is a photo of a guy who looks menacing, serious, and tough. The ad uses short light and typography to communicate the brand/product using the athlete as a result for the consumer to shave with confidence. Each image has a different emotional tone to them. The first photo has a calm mood, and the reason why I say that is if you look at the lighting, the color and the expression of the person. He doesn’t seem to be bothered with what is in his face. While the 2nd photograph is more serious, uses colors that reflect the brand, a long with having  a stadium as the background to show the setting of the sport as well.

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