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What i chose for my final project wasn’t an article but a very insightful interview with Will smith on Beats 1 radio. Basically it was about him getting back into the music industry after 10 years and basically his thoughts and how he is going to handle that. It turned into a interview about the fears of living. In his case he had a certain amount of success which should have taken away the feeling of fear but it doesn’t it makes it that much harder to try something new not knowing if it will make or break you like many people today. Fear of trying to do something is what hinders us to creating something. Its the fear of failing. You have to believe that you can do what you set for yourself what ever it may be. Its as simple as knowing what that goal is, and willing to die to see that goal happen. Don’t be afraid to fail because failing is what makes us better not hold us back. If we fall we have to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward otherwise we will stay on the floor as people pass us.

I have two different approaches that deal with the same metaphor of falling but getting back up. One is with a single subject on the ground their face is unclear but you can see a smirk on their face. Second approach i would like to be basically the evolution of man but it goes both ways. One way the subject stays in the same position, but the other way they stand strong.

  1. The tone of this piece is aspiring and bit serious at times
  2. My approach is going to be pretty metaphorical
  3. I strongly believe it should be with a person but a still life can work too
  4. If anything i can use myself as the subject to get exactly what i want if not it could possibly be any one.
  5. Bricks, you don’t just build a wall you lay one brick at a time until you make a wall
  6. High contrast dramatic lighting. Possible B&W but color can look good too.
  7. I believe the toy car shoot had that type of feeling I envisioned, I would defiantly experiment a bit.

I think it’s half full

So todays article is more or less about having a positive outlook on life and different aspects of your life. Surrounding yourself with negativity is unhealthy and ultimately holds you back from progressing. Being optimistic will allow you mentally to have a “yes i can” attitude and not have anything hold you back from achieving what you want. Everything is a learning experience and its just going to make you better s go out and do it.

The idea i have for the next shoot is to basically dress two different glasses a way that reflects if they are optimistic or pessimistic. Its a perception  more or less

Car Poems

She being brand by e.e cummings and coming Home, Detroit, 1968 by Phillip Levine both had a metaphor of a car but they use it in two different ways. The first poem comes across as creepy and perverse by the way it is read but is using the way a car responds to being driven for the first time as a way to describe sexual experience with a girl that was a virgin possibly. The second poem uses the car quite literally because you can relate to driving around in a car and observing things around you as you drive past them. The car was the guys separation from what was going on around him kind of like a barrier between himself and his surroundings but despite what he sees around him he keeps on moving.

Two ideas i have for these poems is a way to display a car subliminally sexually and show maybe a nice car maybe being projected on with visual imagry


The article is basically about how only Monsanto has the rights to mass produce potatoes because they own the rights to that strain and any tampering or regrowth of the potatoes is actually illegal to do so other farmers cant have there own kind of potatoes making Monsanto potatoes a monopoly.

I was thinking that maybe have a potato on a conveyer belt like as if its being cloned rather than grown leaving out the diversity because no diversity is usually not a good thing, thats where i’m at right now.


Both the ads focus on a specific quality of their products as selling point. Now beats is a more urban setting with a stylistic look to it and they are focusing on the look of the brand and they are aiming towards black males. The bose ad is a more conceptual approach to marketing their product. They are focusing more on the sound quality rather than the style or build quality of the product hence the ad making its subject look like a volume control. This is aimed more towards suburban white people not gender specific. Very good example of Urban / Suburban and how each brand has its own selling point.

Chris_A Campaign Analysis 3

For the yelp ad based off of the look and general feel of the ad the demographic is more for a everyday person that might need a quick fix or are willing to try out something new on the go so that way there will be a review for the places they are looking for so that they know what they will be getting into. Clearly a younger more general crowd that can relate to the crazy situations we find ourselves in.

The foursquare feel and take on it is for more sophisticated people that have specific things they like and personality so even though they are at the same place they are there for different reasons but because of what they like brings them together. This ads focus is for people that like specific things not to much into switching things up so they want a good place that meets their needs.


The first ad what i got from it was that the company sells shavers that are “sharp” enough to with stand any Hair type even if your a hairy animal. Probably focuses more on the quality of blade which would explain the overall sophisticated look of the ad.

The second ad has a toughness and a smoothness to it. They are probably trying to focus on the smoothness of the shave with the smoothness of his skin and the toughness of the guys expression making reference to the sharpness of the blades. So soft on skin tough on hair. Its also soft diffused light which adds to it compared to the higher intensity and grungy look of the other ad but thats because they are trying to portray two different things.

Campaign Analysis

The ad for Raymond Weil uses high contrast and a central focus of subject matter which in my eyes could relate to a watch face. Lighting wise it uses a high intensity almost like one of the paintings of the gods in the air godlike, glowing, shimmering possibly a reference to materials of the product. Its set in black and white and uses the dancers as elements interacting with each other to create a perfect moment much like a watch. I believe they chose the black and white to show that they are a company that has been around for quite sometime and have perfected their craft with precision instruments in reference to the dancers. They use the models as a metaphor or even to symbolize the company itself its a representation of what they are and how they got there.

The ad for Pantone has a low contrast image and multiple models not just focusing on one part. There is a smoothness to the color its not so black or white but a lot of in betweens. This add uses the composition, lighting, and models to symbolize that their product is and interaction with color and the space it fills. It has multiple uses and shouldn’t just be focused on on thing because you can do so much with their range and  variety of color. Some thing fun, experimental, and up to your imagination. So they chose to represent there identity on the use of their product promoting that its and experience and an interaction of color that has any shapes and forms that is limited to your creativity.