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For my final project I changed the articles about how chocolate is good for diabiates to an article about bicycles. I decided to select an article about bicycles, the articles not only talks about how a helmet can save your life but also about statistic of cyclist that had lost their lives or have been injure in accident. I decided to use this article because I can relate to it, and for my shot maybe I can use my leg that has and injure from a bike accident I had.

  1. The mood of the text is serious because it talks about how a helmet can save a cyclist live and also the statistics of people that have been injure or kill in accidents.
  2. The approach i want to use is metaphorical
  3. For my approach i want to use still life
  4. The objects that I will be using is a helmet, bicycle wheel, and few more objets related to bikes.
  5. I was thinking of using black backdrop and placing my objects on the floor and shooting ground level.

The Glass Half Full Or Empty



The poem “She being Brand” by e.e. cummings metaphor is sensual. To me the poem is talking about how a person can love so much is car to the point were the driver imagines having sexual thought with it. I think this because I had owned a car, I loved my car that i was so sad the day the engine die and at that point i had to junked. Also the poem makes me think how this person is describing the way he is touching a woman the way he would drive a standard car, relating every piece of the car to a parts of a person’s body.

The poem “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” by Phillip Levine what a person goes through daily. The poet is describing what he sees or what his daily life is like. I think he is describing the problems that he sees but there is nothing he can’t do about it. I also thinking he is talking about the pollution in the city. The way everyone pollutes and contaminates the environment with their cars.

My idea for the shoot is having a nice shiny car with bright lighting and the other one a bit up car maybe with smoke in the background and dark lighting.

The Botany of Desire

The article is talking about the issues of growing potatoes. The way companies grow potatoes using chemicals and many bad components that are not healthy for the human consumption. To solve this problem they want to start using less chemicals, they want to grow them more naturally. Also this new way to grow potatoes would be less expensive compared to the one that uses many chemicals.

The image I have in mind is having a potato that was grown with fertilizes and chemicals next to a one that was grown locally with no chemicals. Also having the potatoes with some roots growing out of it. I think this would work because I don’t think potatoes that were grown with chemicals are able to grow roots like the one that are grown with out chemicals.

Beats and Bose Campaign

Beats ad campaign is straight forward of what their product is. We clearly see that their products are headphones because their are feature in most of the ads. To me this campaign is mostly targeting one audience and that would be black people. Also most of the ads are profile pictures, we only see their faces but not their body expressions.

Bose ads makes you imagine or wonder what they are trying to sell. In most of the ads we do not see the product but we see the name of the brand. I feel that Bose is targeting variety of people, from people that work in loud environment to people that travel.

Foursquare and Yelp

The Foursquare ad campaign to me is more intended to people that likes to take care of them selves and likes to dress up such as hipsters. I feel that Foursquare ads are mostly shot in nicest places like the park or a restaurant. The ads are more serious and straight to the point. Meanwhile in the Yelp ads we see more variety of environment and the ads let you imagine what they are promoting. Yelp is targeting everyone and we can tell that right away because their ads are funny and they show more variety of people. If I had to chose between the two apps I most definitely chose Yelp because I can relate more to it.

Shaving Ad Comparison

The Schick Free Your Skin ad is a half body shot. I would say that the lighting the photographer used was rembrandt lighting, we only see few shadows on the the side of the model’s face. It’s awesome how they incorporate an animal on the model’s face to feign the guy’s beard. This ad is not straight forward, the viewers cannot tell what the ad is about until they see the brand’s name. The ad to me seems to be targeting hipsters because of the way the model is dress. Also the lighting in the background makes the model look more clean and classy.

In the Gillette ad the player is looking straight at the camera making it seem like he is challenging the viewers. In the other ad, the model is looking away from the camera. The player looks tough because of the shadows on his face, the shadows make him look aggressive. The Schick ad is more busy, there is a lot of thing going on like the lettering. The ad goes straight to the point, we can tell what it is about and what they are trying to sell, we can tell this because they placed the razor, lettering and the brand in the ad. The ad is targeting not only hipsters but everyone that likes sports, the ones that feel tough just to mention a few.

Dance Photography

Lois Greenfield shot is black and white, which makes the ad look more clean and simple. In the shot from Sarah Silver compare to the other we see color and more shapes. In Panton we see colors, shapes such as squares, and more movement from the dancers. In Raymond Weil shot he has shallow space, all the dancers are close to each other. In compare to Panton were there is deep space, all the dancers are far from each other. There is a dancer close to the camera and there is another dancer far in the background.

Raymond Weil and Panton shot, both seems that they were taking from eye-level. Also both shots seem to use front lit, we can see the reflection of the light on the dancers. I think both ads work very well because each of them are targeting different audience, to me one is intended to people of high class such as rich people and the other one to artist and designers.