Beats and Bose Campaign

Beats ad campaign is straight forward of what their product is. We clearly see that their products are headphones because their are feature in most of the ads. To me this campaign is mostly targeting one audience and that would be black people. Also most of the ads are profile pictures, we only see their faces but not their body expressions.

Bose adsĀ makes you imagine or wonder what they are trying to sell. In most of the ads we do notĀ see the product but we see the name of the brand. I feel that Bose is targeting variety of people, from people that work in loud environmentĀ to people that travel.

One thought on “Beats and Bose Campaign

  1. rmichals

    I would say that the audience for Beats certainly includes blacks but that the demographic might be more accurately described as a young, urban one that might include some whites, latinosand asians and exclude older African- Americans. The ads depend on the audience being able to recognize current professional athletes. Describing the demographic of the Bose ad, I might say it is middle-aged and suburban and tend to be white though not exclusively. The ads are conceptual and appeal to people who are comfortable with visual metaphor.


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