Dance Photography

Lois Greenfield shot is black and white, which makes the ad look more clean and simple. In the shot from Sarah Silver compare to the other we see color and more shapes. In Panton we see colors, shapes such as squares, and more movement from the dancers. In Raymond Weil shot he has shallow space, all the dancers are close to each other. In compare to Panton were there is deep space, all the dancers are far from each other. There is a dancer close to the camera and there is another dancer far in the background.

Raymond Weil and Panton shot, both seems that they were taking from eye-level. Also both shots seem to use front lit, we can see the reflection of the light on the dancers. I think both ads work very well because each of them are targeting different audience, to me one is intended to people of high class such as rich people and the other one to artist and designers.

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